Collect wow gold 20% off and WOW Pets & Mounts 50% off Sale Before Jan 4

Press Release   •   Dec 09, 2015 03:48 EST

The Black Friday sale had gone away, but the carnival for wow pets and mounts is just coming! Since December 4, world of warcraft has officially offered a 50% off discount for some selected pets & mounts. Along with it, the new Brightpaw pet has been also available to adopt and all its sales in December will be donated to the Make - A - Wish charity! See details about half price sale below.
The latest good news! WOW Winter Veil Sale is now running to offer 50% off for select World of Warcraft mounts and pets. This great discount will last for nearly a month from December 7 to January 4 in next year, if there is a certain mount or pet that you expected for long but failed to get because of a variety of reasons, now it is the best time check if it is included in the sale and then add it into your list at only half of price.
Pets in half price sale: Alterac Brew Pup, Argi, Blossoming Ancient, Cenarion Hatchling, Cinder Kitten, Lil' K.T., Lil' Ragnaros, Lil' XT, Moonkin Hatchling, Pandaren Monk, and Soul of the Aspects.

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Mounts in half price sale: Armored Bloodwing, Celestial Steed, Enchanted Fey Dragon, Grinning Reaver, Heart of the Aspects, Iron Skyreaver, Swift Windsteed, Warforged Nightmare, and Winged Guardian.
It is worth mentioning that if you have bought a pet or mount just before the big sale, you can submit a ticket and explain that you just bought them, you will get money refunded back!
The weather turns cold this December, but this little pet must make you feel warm. World of warcraft new pet Brightpaw has been officially hitting the shelves. And from now to December 31, all money that players pay for adopting the pet will be raised to the Make A Wish foundation to help those kids who critically ill to fulfill their wishes. Though it is not included in the 50% off sale, giving $10 for that isn't a bad thing, isn’t it?
Not so long ago, Blizzard just announced the Gnome Hunter will debut in the world of warcraft 7.0 version, and along with it, a new kind of mechanical pet, Giant Mechanical Rabbit will be available. As a high-tech product, the food they are quite unique: you need to feed them with engineering parts to keep these shiny metal friends "happy" and "health". And with the emergence of machinery battle pet, all kinds of mechanical pets are being highly sought-after。 After all it is really a cool thing to get your own "mechanical army"! Thus, why not taking advantage of the discount to expand your own "mechanical tribe"?

New brightpaw pet, and the nearly one month of half-price sale are also coming in December. Just go to choose your favorite wow pets and mounts! And if you need some previous pets, Safewow is offering cheap wow pets and mounts with fast delivery, welcome to get some and enrich your inventory!

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