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Common Carbonated Beverage Cause Poor Oral Health

Press Release   •   Feb 29, 2016 16:13 EST

Many people turn to sparkling water as an alternative when they find that the regular version may taste too flat or becomes boring. There are some who casually drink seltzer water with their go-to happy hour order, and some who sip on it all day long. Dr. Joshua Perlman, Co-Founder of NYC Smile Spa (, is on a mission to advise dental patients of the dangers that drinking seltzer can inflict on their teeth, so that they can alter the amount of carbonated water they consume, and learn about ways to provide extra protection for a healthy smile.

“Most people are unaware that carbonated water is almost as harmful for your teeth as soda,” states Co-Founder of NYC Smile Spa Dr. Joshua Perlman. “They don’t realize that while consuming seltzer, a chemical reaction occurs in the mouth, turning the carbon dioxide from seltzer water into carbonic acid and making the water more acidic and harmful for their tooth enamel.”

There has always been the illusion that seltzer water is good for you, compared to other carbonated drinks such as soda. This misapprehension is slowly getting dispelled due to the increasing public awareness of its damaging effects on tooth enamel. However, there is still good news when it comes to this alternative to regular water. Although seltzer does become acidic when consumed, the acid in seltzer, sparkling water, and mineral water is generally pretty weak, and has a more neutral pH value than soft drinks and colas. The acidity in seltzer increases when it is flavored with citrus or other acids, which are much more detrimental to teeth enamel. Therefore, the moderate consumption of carbonated water may not be as damaging to oral health as sodas or sugary drinks, as long as it doesn’t contain any added flavorings.

Dr. Perlman’s experience in the dental industry has inspired him to focus on improving the dental health of his patients and guiding them towards better oral health habits. He advises that although seltzer is not the healthiest beverage option for your teeth, dentists still recommend drinking plain carbonated water rather than sugary drinks, sodas, and beverages with added flavorings. But it is important to remember that pure water, with a healthy pH level of 7, is the safest way to go. If you are someone who can’t resist consuming carbonated drinks over flat water, he recommends drinking sparkling water with a meal, due to the fact that you are stimulating your saliva flow, which lowers the risk of enamel damage. In addition, he advises that patients drink seltzer in several gulps, rather than sipping throughout the day. He also suggests drinking from a straw. This is so that the enamel is not constantly being exposed directly to acid attacks. People who have dry mouth, take medications, or have an oral imbalance need to be more cautious of drinking carbonated water because they cannot neutralize or buffer some of the consequences that the acid will have on their teeth.

“It is important to be aware of the dangers that carbonated water can impose on your oral health.” Continues Dr. Joshua Perlman. “Sparkling water is certainly healthier than a sugary soft drink, but in order to maintain the best dental health, I recommended avoiding regular consumption of any acidic drink. The erosion that can occur on your enamel can cause very unpleasant problems with your teeth, so it is important to take precautions with the beverages that you choose to consume.

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About NYC Smile Spa and Dr. Joshua Perlman

Dr. Joshua Perlman and the NYC Smile Spa live at the forefront of 360-degree dental care and cosmetics. Dr. Perlman is well regarded in the field of Relaxation Dentistry, a practice perfected at the NYC Smile Spa, whereby patients enjoy reflexology, music via noise cancelling headphones, and aromatherapy during treatment. Throughout his career he has completed advanced aesthetic dental training that include full mouth restorative work, smile makeovers and flawless cosmetic veneers. Specialties include Single Tooth Anesthesiology, tooth colored fillings, endodontics (root canals), crowns, porcelain laminates (veneers), Invisalign (orthodontics), implant restorations, whitening, extractions, among many other treatments and procedures.Dr. Perlman is an active member of the American Dental Association, New York State Dental Association and the New York County Dental Society. He also lectures on key topics related to Invisalign and Implantology and current advancements in cosmetic dentistry.