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Press Release   •   May 17, 2016 14:59 EDT

The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or UAV can be defined as an aircraft without a human aboard to control it. UAV can be remotely controlled to perform various tasks such as surveillance, recording, attack etc. the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Market is a rapidly growing market owing to its applicability to various domains and purposes.

The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Market is expected to lead by the USA in upcoming years. The European countries and Israel is closely following the US in this market. UAV systems and drone technology are high in demand for military applications across the globe. North America leads in the manufacture of unmanned aircraft systems.

The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Market in APAC region has highest scope of growth when compared to other regions during the period of 2015-2025. With countries like Japan, South Korea this region might witness advancement in the UAV technology as well as high product production due to wave of industrialization in the region.

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The global Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Market can be categorized in various segments by type, by application, by end users and by region.

By type: light weight monitoring UAV, attacking UAV, navigating UAV, cargo UAV etc.

By application: military, civil, commercial film making, pollution monitoring, surveying, archeology, agriculture, cargo transport, scientific research etc.

By end users: aerospace, agriculture, manufacturing, exploring, oil & gas, military and so on.

By region: North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific and ROW

Some of the prominent key players of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Market include:

  • Lockheed Martin Corporation (U.S)
  • The Boeing Co. (U.S)
  • Northrop Grumman Corporation (U.S)
  • Israel Aerospace Industries (Israel)
  • BAE Systems, plc. (U.K)

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The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Market is witnessing a rise in demand for monitoring and security purposes when compared to its other applications.

The global Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Market is a profitable market to invest with a large share of revenue invested by the US. The USA invests a large share of its revenue to lead in this market as well as for further development and research of this technology for the upcoming period 2015-2025.

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