Controversy on Neverwinter Trade Bar Store Changes Represents A Risk to the Game

Press Release   •   Feb 20, 2016 04:13 EST

Recently, the removal of Coalescent Wards, Preservations Wards and Blood Rubies from Trade Bar Store in Xbox, and later in PC version of Neverwinter has aroused much controversy. Many angry players told that they will never play Neverwinter any more. It seems that the game is facing a risk if there is not better adjust, reported, a site to get neverwinter related new and buy neverwinter astral diamonds.

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What happened to neverwinter trade bar store?

In the end of last year, as Underdark is on the way to launch on PC Neverwinter, the long-ignored Trade Bar Store has began to receive some updates, including adding some new items into it, and adjusting the prices on old items to make them more attractive. The Coalescent Wards, for instance, was even dropped to just 75-85 Trade Bars on PC. However, while Xbox players expected for the same benefit come to their console, it never come, and instead of price reduction was terrible news that Coalescent Wards, Preservations Wards and Blood Rubies were to be removed from Trade Bar Store on Feb. 10. Only a week later, PC players also lost those materials from TB Store. Now the concerning and controversy is that once those materials can be only purchased from Zen Market, which make it hard for players to afford. For more details, you can see the Coalescent Wards Removed from Neverwinter Trade Bar Store on

Why say Trade Bar controversy is a risk to the game?

As safewow mentioned in the Coalescent Wards removal post, players need to pay much more money for Coalescent Wards in Zen Market rather than in Trade Bar Store. It requires even bigger cost for dedicated players want to upgrade Enchantments, Artifacts, or Equipment (Preservation Wards can avoid a loss of material in upgrading success and Coalescen wards guarantee the upgrade work well). Thus, when those materials removed from TB Store, the hardcore players are the real ones who feel the negative effects. Someone might say it doesn’t matter, because it is only hardcore players’ matter. However, the fact is that casual players are not the ones who typically spend money on Neverwinter, a free-to-play game.

Thus, we said that the Trade Bar Store change is a real risk to the game and its’ long-term health as a whole. Would there be a compromise to reduce players’ pressure on paying for Coalescent Wards, but at the same time, protect the game’s economy from getting hurts? Wait and see. Now, you can buy cheap neverwinter astral diamonds xbox and pc from safewow - a reliable site to offer safe products, fast delivery, and experienced service!

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