Could WoW Legion Give Enough Surprise in Launch as Information Overload Now?

Press Release   •   Dec 01, 2015 01:27 EST

With first run at alpha testing, lots of information about World of Warcraft: Legion expansion have already been revealed. We have seen screenshots of Demon Hunters customization, new transmog system, and much more. The concern is that if Legion can give enough surprise when it launches next year considering now information has flooded out the gate?

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Numerous WoW Legion information have been leaked in test

So far as Safewow concerns, WoW Legion testing is attracting extensive attention as, or over expected. Started with the v7.01 patch last week to test servers, Legion information has been overload with varying datamining. Battle pets, NPC character models, armor sets, and much more information have been shown prominently on and, and on all other sites. We have seen Demon Hunters customization in every possible version, the new transmog system, artifact weapons in most of their iterations...and these are just the revelations within one day after the beginning of testing. Just imagine that how much information will be revealed when Legion testing runs for months. Will there be guides to everything on the planet? So the question becomes: When every little thing about the expansion is known, will there be much left to discover?

Too much spoiler block players from getting a fresh WOW Legion

Do you want to keep all things mysterious, or get everything exposed before it actually comes? Bioware and Blizzard now seem to go in these two extremes. Bioware is always tight lipped about DLC and the latest expansion of Star War: the Old Republic, KotFE was also kept mysterious until one week before its release, which leads to lots of complaints from players who want to know the game mechanics. However, by contrast, Blizzard is kind to show out information, or even much spoiler. So is Blizzard’s action always appreciated? There is no real answer for whether spoiler is better than secret, but it is sad for those players who want Legion to be a surprise, to learn the story and the mechanics after it actually releases, rather than knowing the major plot points and everything about the expansion before it comes. Perhaps both Bioware and Blizzard can find a way in the middle of these two extremes and control the information to be leaked in a more reasonable way.

What do you think about it? Will you read all information you can get about Legion or try to avoid them and get things unfold from a first-hand perspective when Legion comes? Despite of the spoiler, Legion is still an expected expansion that contains lots of attractive things like the returning of Gnome Hunters, so don’t hesitate to buy super cheap wow gold with discount on safewow, for current fun or for forthcoming Legion.

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