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CRCC Asia Provides U.S. College Students & Graduates Opportunities to Garner Career Skills Abroad During Trying Economic Times

Press Release   •   Nov 21, 2011 11:46 EST

New York, NY (November 16th, 2011)-  CRCC Asia,(,  announced today the availability of their overseas based internships for U.S. college students & graduates. With the sharp job market decline within the United States CRCC Asiaenables youth between the ages of 18and 30 to gain extensive career skills abroad in China.  In turnproviding college students and graduates with not only a remarkable personal experience abroad and academic credit, but also arming them with hands on career experience that is currently difficult to gain within the US.Subsequently enhancing the appeal of their resumes when presenting to U.S. employers, and quickly gaining the skills needed to be an invaluable part of the professional work force.

 “We are seeing a strong upswing in our US Internship applications. The young people today within the US are concerned about their future and are taking proactive steps to ensure their success.” States Ed Holroyd Pearce, Director of CRCC Asia.  “We are bridging a large gap for them and allowing them to structure their future and begin with positions that are relevant to their chosen career, whether it be in marketing, finance, or any other field.”

 According to recent Census Bureau reports show that with 14.1 percent unemployment nationally, the 20-somethings are worse off than any other age group.Due to the economic downturn 20 and 30-somethings within the United States are suffering from their demographics highest unemployment rate since World War II. These numbers and fast growing concern for the future of our young adults have also been the forefront focus of recent events such as the Occupy Wall Street movement. CRCC Asia provides an established alternative to the U.S. job market for students and graduates alike to improve their employability in these times when jobs are scarce. With offices located in US, the UK and China, previous CRCC Asia interns have been extremely vocal about their internship abroad programs success and their experience working within it.

 “Witnessing the economic recession in the United States I knew that I needed something to set me apart from all of the other soon to be college graduates looking for a job. Work was amazing. I had an accounting internship with a Taxation Agents organization and they were quick to welcome me with open arms.”States Kristen Howell a student from the University of Arkansas. “I met with several different department heads and even got to have a long and very informative meeting with the Chief Partner. I would recommend CRCC Asia to anyone looking for a complete cultural experience.”

 CRCC Asia has witnessed rapid growth in recent years, doubling the number of interns it has sent to China from 500 in 2010 to a projected 1000 for this year, evidence that an ever increasing number of students and graduates are seeking work placements overseas.The company is quickly expanding their University partnerships within the U.S. , and have just solidified a partnership with Richmond, the American InternationalUniversity in London so that US students can participate within the CRCC Asia program. CRCC Asia Internships run for a durationof upto three months with the option for more flexible packages that allow students to both invest in their future and broaden theirexperiences in China. In addition, the companyoffers one-month language courses and joint language internships.


For more information on CRCC Asia and their internship programs please contact Jill Richardson or Ed Holroyd Pearce at 415 243 0968.  


 Founded in August 2006, CRCC Asia is the leading provider of internships in China, offers university students and graduates opportunities by placing them in professional placements across a range of industries. CRCC Asia has seen their numbers increase from 250 in 2008 to over 1,000 placements this year, evidence that a fast-increasing number of students are choosing to explore their professional development and career prospects in China. CRCC Asia provides the opportunity to gain valuable experience, perspectives and the contacts to build a successful and rewarding career. CRCC Asia has international offices in the US, UK and China. Stay up to date with CRCC Asia on Facebook and Twitter at  and .

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