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Creative Proteomics Discounts Three Kinds of Services That Cannot be Missed

Press Release   •   Oct 11, 2016 05:43 EDT

These three kinds of services play crucial roles in their own research fields. And according to the earlier time of this year, these services in Creative Proteomics have received wide attention from scientists. In order to express its loyalty to customers, Creative Proteomics held this promotion activity, which will last to the end of this year.

Protein therapeutic analysis

In Creative Proteomics, this kind of service mainly includes recombinant proteins, monoclonal antibodies and peptides. All of these items are successfully performed in the clinical field. And of course, scientists in Creative Proteomics believe that they still have great potential to be discovered. As one of the hottest service in Creative Proteomics, as well as on the market, the quality assurance of protein therapeutic analysis is also the most concerned side for experienced scientists. This is also the main task of scientists in Creative Proteomics.


Referring to the hottest service in Creative Proteomics, peptidomics service can be in the first place. Considering its functions in disease states, drug efficacy or toxicity in clinical fields, scientists need more time to test its features before going into the market. This service in Creative Proteomics also has an advance in mass spectrometry and bioinformatics data & tools from genomics. This is also the basis of proteomics and peptidomics analysis. Creative Proteomics, as an excellent company in this field, also spent nearly one year to test this service and scientists also contributed a lot for its successful use in research fields.

Untargeted metabolomics

Talking to metabolomics field, there is one item that cannot be ignored is the untargeted metabolomics service in Creative Proteomics. Untargeted metabolomics also brought great profit for Creative Proteomics during the earlier time of this year. The reasons why this service is popular are due to its three impeccable workflow steps:

1. Profiling in abundance within a set of experimental and control samples.

2. Determining metabolite ID and chemical structure.

3. Comprehending during the last step.

These workflows were made by experienced scientists from Creative Proteomics in order to guarantee the flexible performance of this service during dealing with samples.

“the purpose of this promotion activity is to express our thankfulness to Creative Proteomics’ loyal customers, who always show their support for Creative Proteomics. And now customers can enjoy 5% off in our specified services and products.” said Dr. Make, a senior scientist in Creative Proteomics.

This promotion activity will not be ended until the end of this year. Scientists can place their order online directly. 

Creative Proteomics specializes in a full range of services to support various proteome-related researches from identification of single proteins to large-scale proteomic studies. We have one of the most advanced proteomics platforms in the world and our staff scientists are experienced proteomics professionals. Our proteome analysis platform provides protein separation, characterization, identification and quantification services, featured with high throughput and super-sensitivity. In addition, analyses of protein post-translational modifications such as phosphorylation and glycosylation are available.