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Press Release   •   Jan 13, 2017 02:45 EST

It is good news to release swtor credits 5.1 on January 24 as well as Galactic Command gearing changes and new in-game content. But an important thing about GC loot has been discovered and drawn widespread attention: the randomness of item drops in Swtor has been off. Players are all confused whether it is bad luck or bad design.

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The randomness of item drops seems to be replaced in Swtor GC

A player reached GC level 112 in KOTET, so he opened the majority of his boxes in a row. the result is, he got 4 Set Gloves, 3 Set Boots, 3 Offhand, 1 Mainhand, 3 boundless ages relics, 3 Focused Retribution Relics, and 2 Quick Savant Implants.

Here, we don't talk about the drop rate. This player claimed that the items over 100+ levels does not seem to be very random at all. It seems that the randomness of item drops in this game has been off in Star Wars The Old Republic. Unsurprisingly, this surmise has arouse an echo with many Swtor players.

RNG should be equal among all set pieces in theory

Maybe some players have got purple items in this game. It is neither strange nor surprising. Here we focus on the randomness.

Provided the randomness exists for items drops, it should fly right over everyone’s head, because the lust for purples knows no bounds, and the RNG is equal among all set pieces. But currently the gear in general has been redone for what is green, blue, or purple.

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