Attana AB

Crude Sample Analysis: New Application

Press Release   •   Jul 06, 2009 13:46 EDT

Attana has recently added a new application for the Attana systems: Crude Sample Analysis

The characterization of antibody-antigen interactions has traditionally been very time consuming since antibodies need to be purified and sometimes labelled prior to studies. Additionally, these steps are typically associated with problems such as optimization and yield.

The Attana systems, Attana A100 and Attana A200 together with the Attana IgG capture kits offer a new solution saving time and eliminating potential issues. Enabling the capture of antibodies directly from crude samples the Attana systems facilitate interaction studies of antibodies.

Attana Benefits

  • A real time, label-free method to capture mouse IgG from hybridoma supernatants which can also be replicated for capture of human IgGs.
  • Kinetic information about the interactions, association (kon) and dissociation (koff) rate constants can be derived to calculate the affinity (KD) between the molecules.
  • Facilitates rapid screening of up to 192 antibody-antigen pairs directly from crude samples, such as hybridoma supernatants, without the necessity to purify or label the antibody.
  • Saves time and reduces cost, as generic immobilization and regeneration conditions have been established and prior purification of the antibody is unnecessary.