David Springer (CEO) of Sovereign Funding Joins Forces with Oassist.com

Press Release   •   Nov 21, 2011 07:36 EST

Kathryn Sias has been a leader in expert marketing, web design and bringing people together and work as a team. Her methods of planning and organizing huge teams is pretty simple. Because of her extensive experience in business, Kathryn has worked as a business consultant, expert marketing and expert social media marketing including search engine optimization. Her primary income comes from odesk.com which has recently ranked her in a number one position for expert marketing with the highest star rating.

David Springer is not unfamiliar with business. With a background in finance his funding group buys structured settlements and annuities. He is an honest family man on a mission of his own. His primary concern is getting the best prices to sellers of structured settlements. Giving the best quote on a structured settlement is important to those who cannot afford to hold onto a structured settlement or annuity any longer.

Joining forces, David Springer, Kat Sias, and Nicholas Jackson (Kathryn's son)the combined business experience is almost 100 years. After interviewing Kathryn I found her to be a genuine career woman and loving mother. She appears to have a lot of great friends and family who care a lot about her.

Kat grew up in a small town, and learned that if you want to succeed in life you have to work hard as most Americans do. She has traveled and seen a lot of places but has worked hard to afford to do the extra things in life. She's not unwilling to share her business growth and believes that "Once blessed it's out obligation to bless others".

Kathryn Sias, of Oassist.com loves to spend time with family and friends and ready to help make a difference in other peoples lives, helping those of less fortunate. David Springer is no less of a person. His compassion for others, his family and his business exceeds most others.

Having a great sense of humor, always smiling and happy, is important in life. This business merger ought to be a great one with such positive attitudes, and the sheer strength of combined experience.

With good problem-solving skills, Kathryn is able to sort through any issues with clients and or potential clients? Does Kathryn know how to take care of business? Absolutely! She started her first own business 30 years ago still loving every minute of it.

When Oassist starts a client search engine optimization strategy and opens a file on a new client it usually takes off immediately. Oassist has risen to an all time high, and continues to rise which is why David Springer of Sovereign Funding finds Oassist.com so fun and interesting.

Kathryn Sias and Nicholas Jackson have now accepted a joint venture agreement with David Springer (CEO)President of Sovereign Funding. What a nice joint venture with several great minds, all willing and able to serve the public in a variety of ways.

David Springer is a down to earth family man. A man of power and intelligence. David has always worked hard to take care of his family and friends. He works for the people. A great man with several bright ideas, a great decision maker. happy and outging type of person. A hard worker and gets the job done. David is the CEO. and President of Sovereign Funding.

A group that works on stuctured settlement, annuities, and lottery winnings. David is a sucessful structured settlment broker. working on to many to mention cases.

David Springer has been in the business for15years. His business continues to rise.

Sheila Friend is a reporter and reports primarily on new business acquisitions, finance, and the structured settlements industry. Reporting on one of the finest, expert marketing teams in the USA, Sheila finds it interesting that Oassist.com would join forces with a structured settlements company. Once she saw that David and Kathryn were essentially the same type of people, she understood why completely!