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Press Release   •   Dec 07, 2015 02:38 EST

Gear is always the main focus in Neverwinter, which not only influences your combat effectiveness, but also helps to customize your character’s appearance, so what kind of weapon do you favorite in the current game? Personally, Twisted Weapons are the most interesting due to the bonus Bloodlust and Paranoia…How does it work? Just read on!

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How twisted weapon works in Neverwinter?

Along with the elemental and stronghold weapon sets that arrived in Mod8, we could say that the Twisted Weapons are the most interesting weapons. It is all because they have the bonus Bloodlust and Paranoia. Bloodlust gains you 160 Power when you strike an enemy but loses a stack when you are struck. Conversely, Paranoia gains 160 Defense when struck but loses a stack when you strike an enemy. Neither Paranoia nor Bloodlust may exceed 24 stacks or be reduced below 1 stack. To be easy-understanding, when you are struck, you gain one stack of Paranoia up to 24, and this will remove any of Bloodlust down to 1. Either stacks of Bloodlust or Paranoia will be added to the character’s stats. The concept of the alternating stacks is interesting, as they seem to encourage you to play smart. As soon as you equip both pieces, you will gain 13 stacks of Bloodlust and 12 stacks of Paranoia for a total of 2080 Power and 1920 Defense respectively.
Why to say twisted weapon is useful for class?

Stack alternating is interesting, but how can we know if it’s going to be useful for a certain class? According to test, if you are a DPSer, it never be difficult to get 24 stacks of bloodlust, even you are in close range you will usually attack faster compared to the amount of hits that you receive, and that is even easier if you are a ranged class. You won’t lose the stacks if only you stay in the same map. You can keep 24 stacks of bloodlust during a whole dungeon in example because it is always active in your character. It is worth mentioning that there is the same buff for every class.
How to get the twisted weapon set in neverwinter?

Twisted weapons are born of the Demon Prince’s Twisted Ichor. It can also be rarely dropped from Epic Demogorgon, or be purchased with currency dropped from the fight. It won’t be too crazy bad to get, assuming you have some good help to group up with on a regular basis. Besides, it is no longer necessary to unlock GH Lv 16, just Lv 12.

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