Deep Freeze Ensures 100% System Availability for Mission Critical Systems

Press Release   •   Apr 16, 2018 08:52 EDT

Deep Freeze, a renowned system restoration software by Faronics, delivers constant system uptime for various organizations across the globe. Based on the company’s patented reboot to restore technology, the software is especially crucial for the protection and maintenance of mission-critical systems, endpoints, and servers alike. Securing the pristine configuration as the baseline, Deep Freeze rolls back the systems to the desired state on each restart, discarding all changes made during user sessions. The impenetrable protection offered by the software prevents the systems from both intentional and accidental threats while allowing users unrestricted access to the devices.

The Significance of Mission-Critical Systems

Computers and other IT systems have become chief enablers of both routine and critical operations across government organizations. From the sophisticated systems used by the secret intelligence services to the mobile computing equipment used by the law enforcement departments, there is no dearth of instances where technological failure in the government sector can have catastrophic consequences. For instance, the emergency line 911 receives more than 400 calls on average per minute. Therefore, the impact that even one PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) failure can have is unimaginable.

Reboot To Restore Software

Nearly all the government organizations have multi-user IT infrastructure where each system is accessible by a number of users, which leads to frequent configuration modification, performance decline, and even system failure. Even if the in-house IT staff actively deals with these issues, the downtime can cause massive operational disruptions and even loss of life and/or property.

Advanced technological solutions that can promptly resolve a myriad of IT issues are the need of every government department with mission-critical systems. Leveraging the reboot to restore technology, Deep Freeze effectively provides constant protection of the systems and maximizes their availability.

Deep Freeze’s Role

Deep Freeze’ reboot to restore capability restores the pristine system configuration within minutes without frequent manual intervention. The deployment of the software results in more than 60% reduction in technical support requests, which optimizes the IT staff’s efficiency and saves maintenance costs.

Deep Freeze keeps the pristine configuration intact by discarding all system changes with a simple restart, which ensures consistent performance for all users and expands systems’ lifespan. As the software can restore admin-defined configuration with each reboot, it does not impose restrictions on user accessibility and device usage.

Deep Freeze is compatible with both Windows and macOS. The software comes with a centralized control panel as well and integrates seamlessly with Apple Remote Desktop, Microsoft SCCM, and Dell KACE to allow easy management and customization of IT systems.

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Proven Capability

Deep Freeze has been deployed by organizations across sectors globally and has numerous success stories establishing its effectiveness.

One of the US police departments, with a total of nearly 13,000 officers and civilian staff-members, needed a solution to maintain the Mobile Data Computers (MDC) installed on its fleet of more than 2,000 patrol cars. MDC, which runs on Windows XP, provides access to computer-aided dispatch (CAD) for connecting the patrol officers and 911 operators. The police department needed these mission-critical systems to be optimally functioning for all officers across shifts. It also wanted to restrict officers from changing the system configuration, downloading applications, or getting distracted by unnecessary applications. Shielding the MDCs from potential malware or hacking attacks was also a concern. After a thorough evaluation of the available products, the IT team of the police department found Faronics’ Deep Freeze to be the most effective and simplest solution for the situation it faced.

The deployment of Deep Freeze in conjugation with Anti-Executable addressed all the concerns of the police department pertaining to MDCs as the software resets the devices to the desired state every time the officers rebooted them. It also optimized the performance of the patrol officers by ensuring that only required applications ran on these mission-critical systems. In fact, the software solutions not only ensured 100% availability of the devices but also protected them from all sorts of malicious attacks and optimized their maintenance cost.

The simple and effective system restoration capability of Deep Freeze enables organizations across government sectors to make their mission-critical systems virtually indestructible with the reboot to restore technology. The software provides robust endpoint management capabilities, allowing all the government departments (irrespective of their area of functioning) to harness the software’s competence for ensuring optimum system protection and maintenance.

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