Desire to remain fit and active fuelling demand for yoga and yoga related fitness programs.

Press Release   •   Dec 02, 2015 02:43 EST

December 2, 2015: In the digital world today, marketers are repackaging health and fitness into a unique combination which is a blend of the ancient practice of Yoga and modern day technology. This is fuelling the desire among not only among young men and women but also among the older generation to remain fit and active.

This information was disclosed to the media by no other than Nina, the brain and spirit behind Speaking on the sidelines of a book release function organised by to commemorate the successful practice of yoga in European countries Nina said "Last year we were very unsure about how European countries would react to the practice of Svastha Yoga and had made a very conservative effort about the demand for yoga programs. However, all our doubts and worries have been proved wrong and we have been overwhelmed by a deluge of enquiries.”

Nina further said “Svastha is a new form of Yoga. Svastha is a Hindi word which means ‘standing in yourself’ or ‘residing within yourself’, indicating a state of complete balance and health. Sva = self, stha = establishment.”

As per industry sources there is a fascination for Svastha Yoga in the west European countries and middle aged people are most avid practitioners of yoga as they like to remain fit and active. Data also reveals that most practitioners start with a fitness regime at the beginning of the year because such a fitness regime coincides with their New Year resolutions.

Choice of a fitness program is a personal matter and is directly linked to the personality of the person and the kind of lifestyle that the person leads. A health conscious person is more likely to be a practitioner of yoga as compared to a person who leads a very hectic lifestyle with little or no free time being available for physical or fitness related activities. There are several yoga programs that are today being offered by various yoga teaching & training institutes and these are tailored for beginners as well as for intermediate practitioners. Practitioners can choose between intensive and extensive programs depending upon their budgets and the time available with them as well as their interests.

Nina further said "We understand the growing demand for yoga. At we offer various programs to learn Svastha yoga and through our comprehensive learning program, practitioners can understand Svastha yoga within a few days of starting.

About runs classes in new age yoga that is based on the ancient practice of Ayurveda. This practice is known as Svastha Yoga and the chief instructor of this form of Yoga is Nina. Nina has established thought leadership in yoga by conducting 300 hour yoga training camps for teachers known as “Jungleyoga”. Svastha Yoga is her own brainchild and uses a combination of new and old techniques of Yoga and by practicing this practitioners are able to experience enhanced alertness and appreciation of both mind and body. The main part of the yoga revolves around the usage of breath and intention to experience the beauty of yoga. The techniques involved include playful asana, pranayama, meditation and visualisation. Nina focuses balancing strength and intention with flexibility and growth in self-awareness and self-exploration.