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Development and Market of TFT-LCD in China 2015-2016 Proposal

Press release   •   Nov 18, 2016 04:01 EST has recently announced the addition of a market study “ Development and Market of TFT-LCD in China 2015-2016 Proposal”, is a comparative analysis of the global market.


TFT-LCD is the thin film transistor liquid crystal display which combines the microelectronic technique and liquid crystal display technique. The main raw materials of TFT-LCD are IC, BLU, Glass Substrate, etc. It's mainly used in high-tech display devices, especially the consumer or industrial products, such as TV, computers, smartphones, measuring instruments, etc. The material cost accounted for 60%-70% of the total cost.

The main TFT-LCD producers in the world are: LG Display, Sumsung, Taiwan Innolux Corporation, Taiwan AUO and Japan Display. The continental producer BOE Technology Group has developed quickly recently. The market structure of TFT-LCD industry will change small in a long time, the application in Vehicle LCD and wearable devices have a good market prospect.

1) The Aim of Report

To provide readers with comprehensive and in-depth understanding of Chinese TFT-LCD industry;

To analyze the important components of TFT-LCD product industry;

To analyze the future trend of TFT-LCD product industry;

To analyze industrial size of the industry;

To reveal opportunities for TFT-LCD product industry in China.

2) Benefit from the Report

Obtain latest info of TFT-LCD product industry, such as market size, application, key players, etc.;

Discover market potential in different markets;

Find out how Chinese TFT-LCD market will change and how your business can be involved in;

Keep informed of your competitors/their activities in China;

Learn about key market drivers, investment opportunity ;


The report will investigate Chinese TFT-LCD industry from the following aspects:

Market size

Demand and supply

Bellwether company


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One work week needed.


Table Of Content

Part Contents

Executive Summary

Definition and Methodology

1 Overview of TFT-LCD Industry

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Cost Structure Analysis

2 Important Components of TFT-LCD Industry

2.1 Overview

2.1.1 Global Glass Substrate Industry

2.1.2 Chinese Glass Substrate Industry

2.1.3 Bellwether Company

2.1.3 Glass Substrate Development

2.2 Backlight Units(BLU)

2.2.1 Overview

2.2.2 IC Industry

2.3 Overview

2.3.1 Bellwether Company

2.3.2 Polaroid Industry

2.4 Overview

2.4.1 Global Polaroid Industry

2.4.2 Chinese Polaroid Industry

2.4.3 Bellwether Company

3 TFT-LCD Industry Development

3.1 Tablet

3.2 Mobile

3.3 LCD-TV Development

3.4 TFT-LCD Development

3.5 Market Segment of TFT-LCD

3.6 List of Important TFT-LCD Product Company

3.7 Computer

4 Chinese Bellwether Company

4.1 AU Optronics Corp.

4.1.1 Introduction

4.1.2 Product

4.1.3 Performance

4.2 Company B

4.3 Company C

4.4 Company D