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Development and Market of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) in China 2016-2021 Proposal

Press Release   •   Nov 18, 2016 04:01 EST has recently announced the addition of a market study “ Development and Market of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) in China 2016-2021 Proposal ”, is a comparative analysis of the global market.


An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), commonly known as a drone, as an unmanned aircraft system (UAS), or by several other names, is an aircraft without a human pilot aboard. The flight of UAVs may operate with various degrees of autonomy: either under remote control by a human operator, or fully or intermittently autonomously, by onboard computers. UAV was mainly used in military and civil fields.

Global UAV market attracted numerous companies and research teams, in 2015, the global market size was USD16.2 billion, which involved USD14.3 billion for military UAV, USD0.6 billion for ordinary civil consumption and USD1.3 billion for professional civil consumption.

As the rapid development of UAV, the application was becoming increasingly diversified. The civil used UAV will be devoted sharply in the future, the UAV market size of China will reach RMB42.5 billion in 2024, which included RMB22 billion of military UAV and RMB20.5 billion of civil UAV.

1) The Aim of Report

To provide readers with comprehensive and in-depth understanding of Chinese UAV industry;

To analyze the technology of UAV industry;

To analyze the future trend of UAV industry;

To analyze industrial size of the industry;

To reveal opportunities for UAV industry in China.

2) Benefit from the Report

Obtain latest info of UAV industry, such as market size, price, key players, etc.;

Discover market potential in different regional markets;

Find out how Chinese UAV market will change and how your business can be involved in;

Keep informed of your competitors/their activities in China;

Learn about key market drivers, investment opportunity ;


The report will investigate Chinese UAV from the following aspects:

Market size

Demand and supply


Bellwether company


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1-2 work weeks needed.


Table Of Content

Part Contents

Executive Summary

Definition and Methodology

1 Overview of UAV

1.1 Classification

1.2 Main Techniques

2 Global UAV Market

2.1 Market Analysis

2.2 Military UAV

2.3 Civil UAV

3 UAV in China

3.1 Position

3.2 Development

3.3 Military UAV in China

3.4 Civil UAV in China

4 Demand and Potential of Military UAV in China

4.1 Target Drone

4.2 Unmanned Reconnaissance Aerial Vehicle

4.3 Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle

4.4 Others

5 Demand and Potential of Civil UAV in China

5.1 Anti-Natural Disaster UAV

5.2 Public Security UAV

5.3 Environmental Monitor UAV

5.4 Meteorological UAV

5.5 Geographical Mapping UAV

5.6 Others

6 Global UAV Export and Competition

6.1 Exporters

6.1.1 UAS

6.1.2 Israel

6.1.3 EU

6.1.4 China

6.2 SWOT Analysis of China

6.3 Target Markets

7 Overseas Bellwether Company

7.1 Northrop Grumman Corporation

7.1.1 Introduction

7.1.2 Product

7.1.3 Performance

7.2 Company B

7.3 Company C

7.4 Company D

8 Chinese Bellwether Company

8.1 Jiangxi Hongdu Aviation Industry Co., LTD.

8.1.1 Introduction

8.1.2 Product

8.1.3 Performance

8.2 Company B

8.3 Company C

8.4 Company D