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Development of Compact, Power-dense, and Light Batteries Remains Key Aim for UAV Battery Manufacturers

Press Release   •   Oct 25, 2016 07:52 EDT

MarketResearchReports.Biz presents this most up-to-date research on “ Global Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Battery Market 2016-2020 "

The report examines the global market for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) batteries and presents elaborate information on the market’s current figures, the factors likely to have a lasting impact on the market’s growth, and the competitive dynamics of the market. The report, titled ‘Global Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Battery Market 2016-2020,’ is available for sale on the official website of According to the report, the global UAV battery market is expected to exhibit a solid 10.16% CAGR between 2016 and 2020.

Unmanned aerial vehicles are becoming a crucial part of armed forces across the world thanks to their versatile applicability and ease of use. UAVs have become a vital aspect of cross-border surveillance operations and help make military intelligence more refined and communication smoother. UAV batteries have thus derived growing demand in recent years and are likely to become a key research area in the coming years due to the growing use of UAVs.

The key driver for the UAV batteries market is the steady rise in the use of UAVs. Developed countries such as the U.S. have extensively funded the development of UAVs in recent years due to the rising support for military modernization efforts. Reducing the dependence on human soldiers in order to preserve human lives and eliminate human error is the key aim of military modernization, of which the UAV battery market is likely to remain a key beneficiary in the coming years.

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On the other hand, the UAV battery market is constrained by factors such as the relatively small size of UAVs, which limits the size and consequently the operation time of the batteries. Batteries in UAVs also need to be light and compact, in order to avoid becoming an aerodynamic concern. While these are significant restraints on the unmanned aerial vehicle battery market at present, the development of electric cars has driven research into batteries in the last few years, which could help the UAV battery market in the coming years.

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This constraint could also be ameliorated by the increasing awareness about fuel cells and their applicability in unmanned aerial vehicles. Fuel cells represent a notable advance upon the operating duration offered by even the best available conventional batteries, and can also be refueled much faster than the latter. These advantages have led to a steady growth in the demand for fuel cells, which are likely to become more popular among UAV users in the coming years.

The report examines the performance of the unmanned aerial vehicle battery market in the Americas, APAC, and EMEA and presents key insights for readers looking to formulate sustainable growth strategy in the market. The leading UAV battery market players profiled in the report include Cella Energy, Ballard Power Systems, Sion Power, Denchi Power, and Tadiran Batteries.