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Devillusion Entertainment, a Swedish game development company releases its first browser game Aloriah

Press Release   •   Sep 01, 2010 13:00 EDT

Devillusion Entertainment, a Swedish game development company, is delighted to announce that Aloriah, its upcoming browser-based slow-time strategy game, will be launched on September 1st 2010 after almost three years of development.

The great potential of the browser game market shows by its daily growth in popularity.  However, the games in this genre are all alike and rarely try to create something unique or take the excitement and realism further. Aloriah, on the other hand introduces many new concepts into this stagnated genre to take it to the next level.

By taking inspiration from real time strategy games and using the latest Web 2.0 technologies to merge these ideas on an online site, a complete and fresh gaming experience is presented to the user. The line between browser games and retail games is getting blurred, something that earlier was an illusion, has come alive.

As Devillusion is the only Swedish company developing games within this particular genre, we proudly present our strategy browser game Aloriah.

Enslosed please find an attached pdf file to this press release containing a full explanation of the game. This includes information about what makes our game unique. You will also find a game description, preview pictures and the mechanics behind the game.

Jonas Wikberg, Lead Game Designer
Devillusion Entertainment

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Location: Stockholm, Sweden

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