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Diabetic Complications Market key Players Stretch To Achieve Complete Cure As Patient Count Increases Globally

Press Release   •   Jan 10, 2017 02:25 EST

“Frontier Pharma: Diabetic Complications - Innovative And Diverse Neuropathies, Nephropathy And Retinopathies Pipelines Demonstrate Shift Towards Disease Modifying Therapies,” as one of the recent reports added for a currently high priority diabetes disease management market, offers its users the ability to understand the current commercial as well as clinical landscape for it. The report thus incorporates a highly detailed study of the treatment options that are currently available and what may be available over the coming years, prognosis and diagnosis advancements, and disease pathogenesis.

According to the report, the current diabetic complications pipeline comprises 429 products that include a diverse spectrum of targets that are currently not in use within the commercial market. This could be a positive sign for the global healthcare industry in terms of inching towards a complete solution for diabetes, as the high density and diversity of targets in the diabetic complications pipeline will significantly improve the chances for it. The report also speaks of the leading treatment options in the diabetic complications pipeline in terms of promising futures, such as CBX-129801. It is touted to be a highly promising synthetic peptide that currently falls under the development stage for diabetic neuropathy. Other aspects of diabetic treatment are also in full swing, such as diabetic retinopathy with its pipeline therapy BCN070660, which is a topical ophthalmologic formulation.

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There is currently a severely prominent absence of an absolute treatment for diabetes and its complications. The failure of the medical sector to provide patients with an absolute treatment for the control of their glycemic index as well as follow-up treatments for damage control is a key factor responsible for the propagation of diabetic complications. At the moment, three key indication groups exist for the treatment of diabetic complications: diabetic neuropathy, diabetic retinopathy, and a collective score of multiple diabetic neuropathies. Diabetic neuropathy is a progressive condition generated by damage to the kidneys and capillaries, while diabetic retinopathy involves the damage caused to the retina due to complications created by high blood sugar.

Diabetes is an increasingly common long-term medical condition that can be the cause of several serious complications. Currently, the lack of absolute treatment makes diabetes a lifelong condition that is capable of being multi-systemic and can cause severe damage to internal organs over time. Globally accredited health organizations have pegged as high as 10% of the global human population to be suffering from the various types of diabetes. By 2030, it is expected to be seventh in the list of leading causes of death. These figures point towards an incredibly high need for improvements in diabetic therapeutics, even putting them at a higher priority than the therapeutic developments of several other multi-systemic conditions.

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