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Did he reverse-engineer Google's algorithms?

Press Release   •   Oct 29, 2010 17:05 EDT

How did a former COO of a retirement community developer here in Central Florida build the #1 ranked SEO company in the world in only 3 short years? Did he simply reverse-engineer Google's algorithms?  Ken Knorr, our founder and CEO of THAT! Company, is the guy who did that.

But wait ....there's more, and it's good news for Florida.

Call me now or email me back to find out:

1) How THAT! Company grew from 5 employees with a gross of $143K in May 2007 to 29 employees with a projected gross of $ 5.5M in 2010;

2) The economic impacts our company and employees are having in Florida;

2) Why were just named by Enterprise Florida and the Governor's office as major market Entrepreneurial Company of the Year;

3) Why we received incentives from both Lake County and City of Leesburg to stay here and create jobs;

4) How we are retraining employees from devastated industries and instilling them high tech skills;

5) How we are changing the SEO industry;

6) Do businessesreally need what we do - strategic Internet marketing?

7) Why 10% of our production is dedicated free-of-charge to non-profits.

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About THAT! Company: We offer global marketing solutions by combining an advertising agency with the world's leading SEO Company, the nation's leading PPC Management firm, digital applications and measurable analytics. Buildtelligence Web Solutions, LLC is the parent company of THAT! Company. Since 2007, Buildtelligence has recruited a team of highly skilled experts with analytical minds from the information technology, advertising and media industries to form THAT! Company. Our brands include:,, and

THAT! Company is a Florida economic development leader, with its founder & CEO, Ken Knorr, being recognized as the 2010 Lake County Entrepreneur of the Year. We are also the proud winner of the 2010 Florida  Governor's Award for Entrepreneurship and an AMCP Communitas Award winner.  In addition, THAT! Company donates 10% of its services to providing assistance to non-profit organizations around the country and is a strong supporter of local charitable causes.