CreativeWorks Systems, Inc. Comments on FCC Access Deal Adoption Involving AT&T, Dish, and Others

Press Release   •   Dec 16, 2013 17:40 EST

On October 30, business news blog comments on recent news story by Alina Selyukh published on regarding U.S. telecommunications watchdogs which on Monday officially approved a deal by AT&T Inc., Dish Network Corp and other wireless firms to give smaller operators access to devices now produced only for AT&T's airwaves.

The news story indicates that The Federal Communications Commission's order, endorsed in the absence of a public vote makes official and expounds upon a multi-lengthy deal brokered by agency staff and wireless firms last month. With the hope of enhancing how they use the airwaves that convey their wireless signals.

“While the FCC has played its role, the onus is now on the smaller carriers to live up to expectations,” says lead researcher Josh Cole. “They can do this by hiring firms that specialize in business intelligence investigation to enable them make the right move.”  

In addition, the news story points that the deal could also eventually influence how much money the FCC generates in January in its auction of spectrum, the agency's first key spectrum auction since 2008. Such a deal has been a major policy objective of FCC Acting Chairwoman Mignon Clyburn to help smaller wireless providers, like regional or rural carriers, obtain access to additional and better devices to operate on their airwaves in the lower 700 megahertz band.

In a statement following the report, spokesperson applauded the efforts of the FCC to give smaller carriers access to devices exclusively made for AT&T wireless. “The smaller carriers now have a chance of expanding their subscriber base, they can hire firms that specialize in due diligence as they seek for further opportunities.”  

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