CreativeWorks Systems, Inc. Comments on LG Electronics Launching of Curved Smartphones to Compete With Samsung

Press Release   •   Dec 16, 2013 13:57 EST

Sequel to a recent news story by Miyoung Kim published on October 28 on concerning South Korea's LG Electronics Inc. which rolled out a curved smartphone on Monday in an attempt to better compete with larger competitor Samsung Electronics Co., leading business news blog comments on the report.  

The news story indicates that flexible screens and curved displays are the new frontlines for phone manufacturers as the screen offers possibilities that could ultimately alter the high-end smartphone market.

According to analysts, curved smartphones provides a more relaxed hold compared to flat-screen models, though the absence of necessitated features indicates they are doubtful to be a consumer hit anytime soon. Production costs are still somewhat expensive.

“Rivalry in the smartphones market has increased in recent years,” says lead researcher Josh Cole. “In a sector where innovation is one of the keys to a larger market share, some smartphones makers are already considering the need of firms that specialize in phone systems, to convert such need into a feature that can be built into their device.”

Furthermore, the news story points that the curved smartphones of LG and Samsung are presently restricted to the South Korean market as the firms seek to measure consumer demand. Samsung rolled out different models of the well-known Galaxy Note previously this month, as the globe’s first smartphone with a display that is somewhat curved side to side.

In response to the report, spokesperson cheered the efforts of LG in designing a smartphone that could rival Samsung’s device in the market. “While other phone makers have been forced to change their strategy due to the dominance of Samsung LG is taking a big shot to stay in the market. It can reinforce its smartphones features by partnering with firms that specialize in business phones equipment.” is a business news and technology research blog that is devoted to providing its readership with recent and relevant news and information.