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Discover Innovative Solutions For Your Business's Networking System From Philadelphia's Best

Press release   •   Mar 05, 2012 23:03 EST

Discover our superb team of IT professionals in Philadelphia that are available to help you with your every computer and network need. Regardless of whether you need data recovery, are having issues with viruses, malware or need an upgrade, we are the best professional IT repair services in Philadelphia. From software to hardware, if you have a computer or network issue, our team at Computer Biology can help you to keep your business up and running smoothly.

We will make sure that your computers stay running fast and secure, so you never experience any downtime. We know that downtime costs money, which is why we can provide you with a superior network, server infrastructure that will ensure that your computer system stays up and running. Our services are available for any size business, and promote the most unique, innovative and powerful networking systems, UNIX and Linux solutions and more, providing you with a fully customized IT solution for your business.

No matter what IT needs you have, whether repair, maintenance or installation, we can provide you with network, server, workstation, e-mail services and much more. We will always ensure that your network security is of the utmost, so that your business is protected from intellectual property, credit card and identity theft. We pride ourselves on our ability to serve your every information technology need, with our exemplary, proficient and professional service.

In addition to our exceptional IT support and maintenance services, our team at Computer Biology can also provide you with data mining, information intelligence and media monitoring. We know that attempting to manually monitor Internet sources is impossible, which is why we provide an advanced software and server system that will gather and process data that you have chosen, providing you real time awareness. This service can provide you copies of media content, which can keep you in touch with the ever-changing demand of your present and future clients.

These needs have also driven us to provide you infrastructure migration to Google Apps, as Gmail for business offers BlackBerry and Outlook inter-operational abilities, 25 GB storage for each user, exceptional spam filtering and provides a 99.9% uptime SLA. In addition, Google Apps for business also provide web-based applications that will help to minimize IT costs and increase business efficiency. This opportunity for infrastructure migration to Google Apps is also provided us a unique opportunity to introduce our new and exciting web app creation, Litenews.

LiteNews, by definition, is a word cloud that has been formed from the most often used words in Google News. This web app creation will provide you a unique opportunity to ensure that you are up-to-date with all the latest headlines, which are available on all of your wireless mobile devices, anytime, anywhere. Using LiteNews, you will be able to stay on top of analysis, documentation, content, industry and much more, regarding any product, topic or item that interests you, or is vital to your success. If you want take your business to the next level, contact us today on the web at, or call us at 267-702-4872

Large or small, we offer the most extensive and affordable IT repair services in Philadelphia for both home and business systems. Check out our new and exciting web app creation, Litenews, which will make sure that you are up to date with the latest headlines at all times.