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Press Release   •   Nov 16, 2010 18:51 EST

(November, 2010) - is a windfall for all those who are suffering from heel spurs. This website offers enlightening details on heel spur treatment. Whether you want to know about the symptoms of heel spurs or effective methods for treating a heel spur; this website provides information about all and more. No wonder this website is so recommended.

The best thing about is that all the posts featured on this website are highly edifying and educational. The huge amount of information contained on this website has helped out numerous people who were suffering from heel spurs.

Their article on symptoms of heel spurs is truly inimitable. It tells that at times pain begins from the heel and persists to reach other areas like toes, ankle bones, plus finally up to the knees. If you try and walk while carrying heavy things or climb stairs; the pain caused by heel spurs can increase. You may even feel a certain amount of discomfort near your heel; the main cause behind this is a crack which occurs between tissues at the bottom of foot heel and heel bone.

Their article on effective methods for treating heel spur is equally good. It avows that heel spurs are minute deposits of calcium on heel bone because of inflammation in plantar fascia; the tissue which links heel with toes. This inflammation of plantar fascia is referred as plantar fasciitis in medical terms; so basically when you undertake a heel spur treatment you are addressing inflamed tissue and not the actual heel spurs. From active release technique to shock absorbing gel pads; this article provides information about all effective methods for treating plantar fasciitis. is without a doubt a knowledge house when it comes to heel spurs. Brilliant information on heel spurs offered by this website helps it to draw numerous visitors each day. recommends that one must try to refrain from demanding activities like tennis and long distance running when one is going through the treatment process. also tells to apply ice compresses thrice a day in ten minute gap as it abets to prevent inflammation. has made the whole process of treating heel spurs quite easy all thanks to the extensive information it offers. also recommends night splints for treating a heel spur; this website advices that while buying these one must make certain that they are the right size. These devices maintain Achilles tendon and plantar fascia under an unremitting tension so when sleep time is over; these devices can carry on with work properly without imposing any pain. Now that’s really amazing!!


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