Discover The Leader In Social E-Commerce Shopping From Similitude

Press release   •   May 19, 2012 02:17 EDT

Similitude's social e-commerce shopping community is proud to announce that there innovative web communities are now serving over 1 million consumers every year. Similitude is an innovative and exciting social e-commerce shopping opportunity, as they are truly the premier company for next generation social e-commerce innovation and opportunities. They provide a social influence gathering, where they provide options for consumers online, and build communities based on common threads.

Consumers are able to band together in these online communities, wherein they can share opinions, news, information and much more. Using only the highest quality and proprietary technology and processes, Similitude offers these communities to the world, with the brands and retailers that each community desires. This can include, communities specifically geared towards babies and children, cars, food, computers, health and much more.

The opportunities are virtually endless, and with the incredible growth that Similitude is experiencing, they are expecting to reach 10 million consumers by 2013. Using their consumer socioeconomic behavior analysis combined with their brand and retail sentiment analysis, they have created one of the most innovative and fastest growing social e-commerce shopping companies available on the web today. Currently, Similitude has intentions to launch more than 20 new communities that are all powered by social groups, as they strive to become the leader in affinity-based social e-commerce shopping experiences.

Similitude provides a variety of access points, as well as dedicated websites and interaction points for Twitter, Facebook and other social media websites. They also provide marketing and search engine optimization, in order to provide the highest quality process for the consumers' retention and acquisition. They always use the most advanced trend and sentiment analysis, using e-commerce linkage to provide retail and brand partners' consumer opportunities on their website.

Currently, Similitude is experiencing extraordinary growth, as their retail revenue is growing by 247% annually, their community's average order has increased by 464%, and their traffic and annual growth has grown by a whopping 985%. With these incredible growth trends, Similitude is well on their way to reaching their 10 million annual consumers by 2013 mark. Because this is a social e-commerce shopping website, Similitude also provides opportunities for individuals to upload photos, information, and even the odd blooper or blunder.

Partner episode of the most extraordinary technological and retail partners, Similitude is providing the most leading edge technology available, and enabling all forms of socioeconomic growth, all on one unique platform. This allows real-time sentiment analysis, to ensure that only the highest quality in world-class processes and technology combine together, to create the most innovative website and profits for every partner.

Similitude is available online at, where you can check them out, and see what it is all about. You can also contact them in person at their office located at 244 5th Ave., Suite 1636 in New York City, or contact them by telephone at 972-886-8603. Call, log on or visit them today, and learn more about how Similitude is changing the world of affinity-based membership marketing, and providing the most innovative e-commerce shopping opportunities available on the web today.

Discover it innovative and wildly growing social e-commerce shopping opportunity for retailers and consumers alike, by checking out this website.