Discuss.IO Will Be Named One of Gartner’s “Cool Tools”

Press release   •   May 03, 2016 04:51 EDT

All businesses need to perform market research in order to be successful. Performing this type of research allows them to understand which of their marketing efforts are working for them and which just plain need some work.

Without qualitative market research, businesses are just taking a “shot in the dark,” so to speak, when it comes to their marketing efforts. And, with the high price of marketing, leaving things up to chance isn’t realistic for most businesses.

Fortunately, there are some great tools out there, such as Discuss.IO, which allow businesses to see the results of their marketing efforts before they put them into practice and to make any necessary changes before launching their marketing campaigns in order to have the best possible success.

This tool also allows businesses to monitor how their current products and/or services are performing, which means that they can continue making changes and, in effect, continue bettering their brands and their businesses as a whole.

Already, Discuss.IO has had great results with helping many major brands perform market research. These include:

. Axe
. Breyer’s
. Dove
. Hellman’s
. I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter
. Klondike

Because of its great success with such a wide range of businesses, Discuss.IO recently had the honor of being named one of Gartner’s “Cool Tools,” a distinction given to products and services that can make a real and lasting impact on businesses.

Being recognized by Gartner in this way is a major accomplishment for Discuss.IO. Gartner is considered the world’s leading resource for market research. The company provides advice, insight, and guidance to major corporations, government agencies, and leaders across a wide range of industries. In order for a service to be recommended by Gartner, it must pass extensive analysis and review, processes that Discuss.IO passed with flying colors.

It really should come as no surprise that Discuss.IO was able to achieve this great feat. The company has long been praised for its extremely beneficial and useful services, which are wide-ranging and applicable to a vast array of different businesses and industries.

Discuss.IO offers unique and simple solutions for conducting market research. To begin with, it helps businesses to find participants for surveys, panels, and other market research groups. Currently, it has access to a huge database of over 11 million respondents, all of whom are willing to participate in market research projects. Furthermore, the respondent pool can easily be narrowed down based on desired demographic information, making it easier to find relevant participants.

What’s more is that Discuss.IO offers a unique discussion platform that allows these market research projects to take place solely or partially online. Through this platform, users of the service are able to connect with their participants in a secure way. They can ask questions, seek follow-up information, or even conduct their entire market research projects via the online platform.

Another nice feature of Discuss.IO is that it allows users to share their discussions and other research and marketing tools with others. If a user needs to share discussions with superiors for advice or wants to talk further about the discoveries made through market research, they can easily be shared online. Editing tools are also available for perfecting research reports before sending them off to others.

Discuss.IO can even work for businesses that need to conduct market research in a hurry. With all the demands placed on modern businesses, it is not unusual for them to find themselves in a bind and to need marketing information quickly. Fortunately, Discuss.IO offers 48 hour turnaround. In as little as two days, users of Discuss.IO’s “Rapid Recruiter” feature can find market research participants from more than 20 countries and get the ball rolling on their research projects. There are even translators available to ensure ease of use for each and every participant in research projects and for the businesses using the service.

For users who prefer “live” interaction, Discuss.IO offers interactive video chatrooms that stream in HD. This can enable research panels and important discussions to take place more easily, quickly, and securely for everyone involved. During the video chat, users are able to collaborate on relevant documents and utilize video media tools as well. The chatrooms are compatible with both computers and mobile devices so that all participants, no matter where they happen to be, can participate with ease.

All chats and interactions conducted through Discuss.IO can benefit from the easy transcription feature, which allows all conversations to be put into a word file. These files, as well as video clips from any session, can quickly be shared with stakeholders, as well as combined and edited with ease.

Discuss.IO wants all of its customers to be happy with the service and to get on-demand help and advice as needed. That’s why, in addition to offering all of these services, it maintains a comprehensive Help Center that can be accessed anytime and from anywhere. Users can easily browse through the center to find quick and easy answers to their questions or talk live with a Discuss.IO representative if desired. There is also a live chat feature, available from 7am to 7pm PST for those more pressing questions and concerns that need to be addressed immediately.

Discuss.IO also offers video tutorials and other help to make using the tool that much easier on everyone. Those interested in the service can attend free training and information events as well to ensure the service is right for them before they commit to using it.

With all of these great features, it is really not surprising that Gartner would name the service as one of its “Cool Tools.” Nonetheless, Discuss.IO is thrilled with this honor and hopes that it will enable Discuss.IO to help and assist even more businesses from around the world with all of their market research needs.

Discuss.io is an innovative online qualitative market research tool that delivers on-demand customer data by powering real-time research conversations with targeted samples. It also helps in ‘on-demand’ qualitative customer depth interviews and focus groups, using webcams and crowd sourcing. They have a base of 11 million consumers across 20 countries. For more information about them, visit their website.