DIY Band Promotion Site BandPromo.Me Giving Away 1,000 Facebook Fans

Press Release   •   Nov 06, 2010 08:40 EDT

November 6, 2010 - Today’s Indie bands have it good. There are more free band promo websites than ever before, all offering a sophisticated mix of music marketing tools and online services. Those choices should make CD promotion a snap. Surprisingly though, most bands don’t know where to begin.

“Bands and musicians hear the same thing over and over again – go get some fans on the web, get on Facebook, get on some music blogs. But 90% of bands really have no idea what they’re supposed to do.” says Keith Fleming, founder of BandPromo.Me. “As an Indie musician I know how challenging the process is. What I realized is that most bands don’t succeed because they don’t have a plan. They don’t understand what they’re trying to accomplish or how to get there. I decided to take what I learned as a longtime brand marketer and apply that to band marketing. The result is a detailed roadmap for Indie bands, giving them everything they need to create and execute a killer online band promotion. To celebrate our launch, we’re kick-starting the process for one lucky band and driving 1,000 new Facebook fans to their fan page. Why? Because we rock.”

The music industry continues to morph as the Internet and social networking revolutionize how music fans discover and share music. The major label monopoly is gone and with it its chokehold on music distribution. Technology has ushered in a new wave of music: “DIY distribution” -- where Indie bands and musicians have all the tools they need to deliver music directly to fans worldwide on their terms and at little cost. From Facebook, with its 500 million users, to the scores of Web 2.0 sites like Bandcamp and ReverbNation, independent musicians have more online music marketing choices than ever. For all their utility though, most music sites fall short.

“What online music sites don’t offer is tactical advice on how to promote your music online”, says Fleming. “Bands are thirsty for information. They want details. They want to know where to promote and what to say. They want to know specifics like how to get more Facebook fans. Or how to advertise on Facebook. We spell everything out and we know the tactics work because we’ve tried them. All you have to do is invest your time”.

As part of its launch, BandPromo.Me will create and pay for a customized Facebook advertising campaign to drive 1,000 new fans to one winning band or musicians’ fan page. Contest details can be found at Bands can enter free and the winner will receive a customized advertising campaign that will drive 1,000 new targeted fans to the winning bands’ fan page.

“We’re super excited about this promotion.” says Fleming. “Facebook fans are key to any successful band promo. We detail on the site how to build up a successful fan page yourself, but we thought it would be fun to showcase the impact that 1,000 new fans can have on one band’s success. It’s huge. This is a prize I wish my band could win.”

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