Do You Know You Can And Doubt You Can, Both At The Same Time?

Press Release   •   Jul 01, 2013 01:21 EDT

Missoula, Montana – June 2013

To doubt ourselves is a natural experience. Even successful people we all admire, from presidents to business titans to celebrities - from Steve Carrell and Bill Gates, to Warren Buffet and Madonna - they all have their insecure, hesitant moments. Even Apple founder and innovative pioneer Steve Jobs admitted, “Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick.”

You probably think it’s really easy for them. And to be honest, once you’ve practiced enough, it is easier. So…How can you join the ranks of the ultra successful? Persistence. Simple enough, huh? Success isn't achieved overnight because it is something that must be practiced continThuously. If you're asking yourself how you, too, can achieve greatness and success in your own life, here’s a powerful book that will only take you twenty minutes to read, and will help you learn what it takes to conquer your fears and doubts in order to be the best you that you can be.

“The Cornerstone of Success,” a book on how to overcome your doubts and march towards consistent success, written by Theresa Whiteside is currently in launch mode and will be available for a limited time for free download on's Kindle eBook reading device. The book will be available free for five days beginning July 13h and ending on July 17th

Whiteside's book, “The Cornerstone of Success” is a powerful book on how to change the negative thoughts we all experience into fuel to move us forward in life.

Mary McManus, a published poet and author of “Songs of Freedom: Poems From a Healing Odyssey” says, “What a wonderfully empowering, enlightening and delightful book using humor and examples we can all relate to, to help us truly create the lives we dream about and deserve.”

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