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Press Release   •   Jan 06, 2016 04:06 EST

Have you ever seen a lane named after some sort of plant, such as a Pine street? How about a street named after World of Warcraft locations? Yeah, you heard right, moving to Canada, you could live on the street that called Stormwind, Winterspring, and the like. If you are wow fan, you won’t be unfamiliar with those Azeroth street names.

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Canada streets named after wow zonesIt sounds amazing right? But this is a fact. A City designer that called Ben Wyatt has designed names for some Ottawa streets with the inspiration from Azeroth, and five street names were borrowed from cities and locations from World of Warcraft, including Silvermoon Crescent, Raven's Wood, Stormwind, Winterspring and Ashenvale.

With these streets revealed, excitement popped up around the world. Some think it is kinda nerded, while others support that Canadians have good taste and hope there will be more games’ streets, such as an Elder Scrolls street. No matter what, if you are a die-hard wow fan, now you have a new life goal - buy a house in Canada! Just a little joke, but we can see the fact that World of the Warcraft is still widely popular though it has been more than 10 years old. So why this game can keep prosper in the ever-changing world and stand out from a bunch of mmo games?

Having more than 10-year history, World of Warcraft not only had its own rich culture, but it also changed genres of other games. The talent system was originally set by wow, and the innovation of giving rewards for quests completing came from wow. These altered the players’ and developers’ expectations for a game for a long time, not to mention that the game itself made many wonders, such as flying mounts, the addition of Achievements, and more through the past ten years.

Looking ahead, the legion expansion may potentially renew wow subscription. You will get lots of contents in this upcoming expansion. Apart from encountering some old familiar characters, such as Archimonde and Illidan, you will get a whole new Demon Hunter class, which was long-required before WoD but finally come in Legion, and also new zones, profession quests, dungeons and raids…all these will attract both new and old players.

With World of Warcraft’s development, we will see more and more wow-themed items, places and the like. We might doubt WOW is losing its leading place while seeing the lost of subscribers. However, it is still the greatest mmo game and will make influence on other games and even on the world in the next decade! Do the WOW streets help you keep resolve and stay in the game? If so, welcome to buy cheapest wow gold on safewow – the best wow gold site 2016 that provides you the best price and the most professional service.

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