Do you want to win Bosses of Master Spellplague Caverns Dungeon with enough astral diamonds neverwinter

Press Release   •   Feb 21, 2017 01:27 EST

As Chinese strategist Sun Tzu said, “Know yourself and know your enemy, you will win every war.” Master Spellplague Caverns Dungeon is coming with Neverwinter Mod 11 The Cloaked Ascendancy few hours later. Here are the most important features for those three bosses in Master Spellplague Dungeon.

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Master Spellplague Caverns Dungeon is an epic dungeon in Neverwinter the Cloaked Ascendancy update. The last update mainly introduced the new look at Master Spellplague Caverns. To avoid spoilers for the plot of the dungeon, today’s article will only introduce the encounter designs only in this dungeon.

1. Kabal the Flamesoul is the first boss encounter in Master Spellplague Caverns Dungeon. Kabal and his nearly impenetrable armor are located in the caldera of an active volcano. So fire plays a key role in the encounter. It requires well-tempered teamwork to defeat this encounter.

2. Giant Stone-Eyed Nothic is the dungeon’s second encounter. Nothics are favored pets of Nostura. This fight will introduce a new type of attack to Neverwinter - "gaze" attacks - which requires you to look away in order to avoid their effect.

3. Nostura of the Stone Eye herself is the final encounter. It will require a gaze attack as well. Compared to face Giant Stone-Eyed Nothic, Nostura herself requires more steady footing and quicker reflexes. Besides, the fight includes a plane shifting mechanic in which you and your partners have to travel back-and-forth between the Prime Material Plane and the Feywild to hunt her down.

In a word, “fighting fire with fire”, the gaze attack, and plane shifting mechanic will give all of you a brand new game play in Neverwinter Master Spellplague Caverns Dungeon. Cannot wait to have a try? Stock up cheap and fast neverwinter astral diamond and partake in Neverwinter Mod 11 The Cloaked Ascendancy since February 21!

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