Doodleslide’s Free Clipart for Powerpoint Offer Goes Down a Storm

Press Release   •   Jul 14, 2012 10:28 EDT

Two weeks ago, Doodleslide founder and CEO, Gavin Wedell, made what many would consider the slightly eccentric decision to offer-up a selection of the company’s instantly recognisable clipart images to users of several LinkedIn business community group pages – completely free of charge. Expecting a reasonably positive response, Doodleslide simply weren’t prepared for the reaction… No fewer than five hundred influential LinkedIn business community group members contacted Doodleslide to take-up the free clipart offer and the exceptional feedback the company has received subsequently, provides further testimony to the incredible power Doodleslide’s clip art and Powerpoint slide templates offer business people and educators right around the world.

About Doodleslide Clip Art and Powerpoint Slide Templates:

Doodleslide is a recent internet start-up with a simple, compelling proposition at its core. For those, like most in the world of business, who at one time or another have felt as though they’ve been doing battle with Microsoft PowerPoint, struggling to produce simpler more visually compelling documents and presentations, Doodleslide clipart and Powerpoint slide templates provide the perfect solution. With its highly distinctive style, Doodleslide provides a comprehensive library of unique clipart and powerpoint slide templates which give users the ability to create highly professional presentations and documents which will always stand out. Whatever the subject - from technology to gardening, whatever the metaphor – the eponymous ‘flying pig’ – there’s the Doodlslide clipart to match – saying with single images what might otherwise take an age to explain. And where more structure is required, Doodleslide’s custom powerpoint slide templates provide simple, memorable outlines to elevate even basic content into something much more attention-grabbing... The range of specialist powerpoint slide templates for communicating commonly-used business and management models and concepts will prove especially useful for the more seasoned corporates. And for those users with real presentation fatigue, just a quick browse through Doodleslide’s incredible clipart and slide templates library should provide inspiration enough!

The Doodleslide Free Clipart for Powerpoint Offer

As a new start-up, Doodleslide, ran by founder Gavin Wedell, has been seeking ways to promote its offering to influential business people around the world. An offer of 20 free clip art images to members of a select few online business networks to introduce them to Doodleslide clipart, seemed like a winning strategy. And as the principal online meeting place for members of business communities around the world, LinkedIn suggested itself as an ideal launch-pad. Posting the Doodleslide free clipart offer on several LinkedIn business community member pages, inviting members to request a link to the free clip art images, proved incredibly effective. Within minutes there were requests coming in and Doodleslide has already been able to offer the free clipart pack to over 500 business people from many of the world’s leading corporations, including over 30 from Fortune 500 companies. Feedback so far has included, ‘Love the pictures – so creative!’, ‘I’m looking forward to using these cliparts in my presentation on Wednesday. Many thanks,’ and ‘It’s just what I needed – these cartoon images are so engaging and just what’s needed to capture my students’ attention.’ Due to its spectacular success on LinkedIn, Doodleslide has extended the 20 free cliparts offer to all readers of this article. Simply follow the link below to download yours!

Doodleslide is a unique provider of creative, engaging and memorable visual communication tools for use with PowerPoint presentations. Our clip art images and slide templates assist presenters in communicating in an influential and persuasive manner.