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Dr. Alexander Avila Unearths Keys To Invincibility

Press Release   •   Nov 01, 2011 17:11 EDT

New York, NY (November 1, 2011) - Acclaimed emotion transformation author and psychologist Dr. Alexander Avila, (, shatters myths about happiness based on 20 years of research in field of positive psychology with his new theories about love and empowerment. For the first time, Dr. Avila reveals the secrets of the true inner and outer success for your personal and business lives in these difficult economic times with the myths and truths about happiness and success.

“To be invincible is defined as ‘incapable of being overcome or subdued; i.e. to have an invincible spirit’. For many of us life is a battle, a war that we are often in danger of losing”, states author and emotional transformation expert Dr. Avila. “The ultimate goal is to help make you the person you were truly meant to be: happy, successful, beautiful, and powerful, in your own way. To defeat the world at its own game, we will help you develop Psychological Invincibility”.

Dr. Avila’s myths and truths about happiness and success include:

•    Myth 1) – most people in the world are unhappy because of wars, crime, poverty, oppression, negative people, lousy upbringings, bad news, and faulty thinking,
o    Truth – long term studies indicate that up to 80% of the world’s population has a happiness threshold, a genetically preset level of happiness ranging from mildly happy to extremely happy, regardless of their external circumstances
•    Myth 2) – If you are successful, you will be happy
o    Truth – if you are happy, you will be successful. You will then enjoy the goods of life – love, money, health, and a successful career
•    Myth 3) – Positive emotions make you feel good for the moment then they go away
o    Truth – positive emotions help you build long term cognitive, emotional, and physical resources, making you smarter, more creative, more successful, healthier, more loving and happier.

These and more search validated secrets are included in Dr. Avila’s upcoming book “The Invincible You: Transform Your Emotional DNA, and Achieve Your Wildest Dreams” with star of “Dr. 90210”, Dr. Jason Diamond.

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About Dr. Alexander Avila

Dr. Alexander Avila holds four graduate degrees, including a PhD in Clinical Psychology and a law degree. An internationally renowned researcher, professor and speaker on relationships and personal transformation, Dr. Avila is known as the “Emotional DNA Transformer”, the world’s foremost expert on restructuring emotional wiring to help individuals and companies reach their maximum potential and live, work and love invincibly. Dr. Avila has authored various best-sellers including Love Type (Avon Books, 1999) and The Gift of Shyness (Simon & Schuster). He has been featured on and in numerous programs and publications including CNN, ABC, CBS, Telemundo, Univision, People, Glamour, Woman’s World, Latina, Today’s Black Woman and Cosmopolitan. Dr. Avila is the creator of the upcoming reality transformation TV show, “The Invincible You”, starring himself and “Dr. 90210” star, Dr. Jason Diamond.