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Dr. Frank Ryan’s Last Interview, by Television Personality Dr. Leigh-Davis, is Currently Airing

Press Release   •   Oct 06, 2010 21:03 EDT

The tragic passing of Dr. Frank Ryan, this past August, is still hard for many to believe. Dr. Frank Ryan’s name is synonymous with plastic surgery and he is notorious for being Heidi Montag’s plastic surgeon. However, Dr. Frank Ryan was also a very respected and skilled surgeon, who was actively involved in philanthropy.  Shortly before his passing, law professor, retired attorney, and television & media personality, Dr. Leigh-Davis, interviewed Dr. Frank Ryan at his nonprofit Bony Pony Ranch in Malibu, California.  The interview points out Dr. Frank Ryan’s prominence as a plastic surgeon.  However, the interview is focused on Dr. Frank Ryan’s philanthropic endeavors and charitable organizations.  This is believed to be the last interview Dr. Frank Ryan ever gave.

Recently, Dr. Leigh- Davis stated, “I am so glad to have an interview that showcases Dr. Frank Ryan’s immense involvement in the community and his charitable organizations.”  In addition to being the owner of the nonprofit Bony Pony Ranch in Malibu, Dr. Frank Ryan also founded The Dr. Frank Ryan Foundation.  Tragically, on Monday, August 16th, 2010, around 4:30 p.m., Dr. Frank Ryan was in a fatal car accident.

Dr. Leigh-Davis concluded, “Of course Dr. Frank Ryan will be remembered as a great plastic surgeon.  Notwithstanding, he should also be remembered as a great philanthropist.”  Dr. Leigh-Davis interviewed Dr. Frank Ryan for the new television show, “Los Angeles Philanthropic Endeavors hosted by Dr. Leigh-Davis,” which is currently airing in syndication.  In response to numerous requests, a very rough, sneak preview of Dr. Leigh-Davis’ interview of Dr. Frank Ryan, has been posted on YouTube.  Once the initial syndicated airings of “Los Angeles Philanthropic Endeavors hosted by Dr. Leigh-Davis” have been completed, the entire episode of the Dr. Frank Ryan interview will be posted on the internet.  Further information will be available on Dr. Leigh-Davis’ official website.  

Dr. Leigh-Davis is a law professor, retired attorney, and popular legal analyst and legal correspondent, who regularly appears on NBC news, CNN and Fox news.  Additionally, Dr. Leigh-Davis is also a journalist with syndicated columns in several newspapers; host of the weekly radio show “The Real Deal;" and the former host of the Court TV television show, “The Court is in Session.”   More information about Dr. Leigh-Davis’ television, writing and radio projects, can be found on Dr. Leigh-Davis’ official website.

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