Global Green Technologies

Dr. Julian Omidi To Help Fund Annual Green Science Fair

Press Release   •   Oct 07, 2010 00:29 EDT

Dr. Julian Omidi, COO of Global Green Technologies has announced an endowment with the New Britain School District to fund an annual “It’s Easy Being Green” science fair and competition.  “It is my hope that this competition will promote an awareness of the small changes that can be made to live a greener life,” Omidi said when asked for comment.

The “It’s Easy Being Green” science fair and competition will lay out a series of challenges for New Britain students in Grades 1-12 to meet.  “It can encompass anything from changing to greener light bulbs, to making a commitment to recycling, to pledging to walk or bike more and drive less,” Omidi stated. Students and their families will be encouraged to meet a minimum set of challenges in the months leading up to the competition.  The science fair component will judge presentations from students on how being green changed their outlook.  For high school students, a separate component of the science fair will encourage students to enter their own Green Technology ideas for a chance at winning a $2500 college scholarship.

Julian Omidi is a past recipient of the “Innovative Green Technology of the Year” award and the “Green Builders” award. He has served as COO and Vice President of Sales for Global Green Technologies. Omidi is also a leading motivational speaker on the subject of living green and green technology.


Julian Omidi grew up in West Chester, PA and received his degree from Philadelphia’s Villanova University.  When he is not leading sales presentations on green technology, Omidi enjoys yoga, hiking and spending time with his family in the Connecticut suburbs.