Drop Safes Now on Sale at Business Tech Direct

Press Release   •   Nov 09, 2011 08:27 EST

October 29, 2011 – Scottsdale, AZ. Business Tech Direct is now offering drop safes for sale on its website, www.businesstechdirect.com. Drop safes, or depository safes as they’re also called, are perfect for cash intensive businesses such as gas stations, fast food restaurants and convenience stores, because they are a simple way to secure cash and other valuables quickly.

Drop safes feature a drop slot located at the top, side or front of the unit, while the entire lower section acts as a small vault. Keys, documents and cash are placed in the drop slot, where they fall into the vault. The “baffle,” which is an anti-theft device, prevents potential thieves from trying to take out the contents through the drop slot. Having a depository safe can reduce your losses in the event of a robbery, because your workers can make cash deposits into it at intervals without having to know the code or combination to open the safe.

The drop safes offered by Business Tech Direct include features such as fire protection, electronic and combination locking systems, and dual vaults. Brands include AMSEC, Gary, Mesa and Protex. These are sturdy brands, with the AMSEC BWB2020FL model, for example, offering a door with an enormous half-inch thick solid steel plate, a formed high-tensile steel body and jamb for defense against being forced open, and reinforced internal jambs on all four sides for protection against a sledgehammer assault.

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