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Easy Quit Smoking Tips : Stop Smoking Today

Press release   •   May 15, 2012 02:42 EDT

So you have decided that it is moment to stop, and for you, there is no turning back. You have gone through all the details about the health dangers- or maybe certain message from your medical practitioner is all the data you require- and understand it is the apt thing to carry out.

Now what?

Quitting smoking is not normally easy and fast, but it surely can be easier and quicker if you follow these easy quit smoking tips to make the procedure much less distressing for you.

Stop trying

So your primary move is to decide that you are currently a non-smoker. This may look like silly, but many individuals go on saying themselves that they will try to stop smoking, but whenever you declare you are going to attempt certain thing, this keeps open the choice to be unsuccessful.

You are not going to attempt to quit smoking; you are simply going to be a non-smoker. Non –smokers never attempt to smoke, they just do not smoke. Non-smokers even don’t look at the cigarette packets.

Why are you performing this?

You may have some idea in your mind, but it is vital to get a right image in your brain when you are creating the conclusion to quit smoking.

It is because of your kids, the price or your health? Or a combination of any of these factors, then jot it down and, spell them out.

Many people even have images of diseased organ and other parts affected by smoking and place these images out in an easily seen resort. There is nothing more driving to get you put away those tobacco stick than an image of a charred and blackened lung taped to your refrigerator or bathroom mirror. If essential, stick your lists of reasons and your organ images around your walls or your purse.

When concerning the health effects of smoking, why not make a list of all the diseases that are provoked or caused by smoking?

Prostate cancer, cancer of the liver, cancer of the blood, cancer of the anus, cancer of the penis, cancers of the uterine cervix and vulva, cancer of the stomach, cancer of the pancreas, cancer of the kidney, cancer of the bladder and so on. Write all these factors out and make note if you are prone to these diseases because of genetics as well. This can be an added factor to stop smoking.

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