"Eco-Friendly Coffee Tips" Widget Seeks to Raise Awareness About Sustainable Coffee Habits

Press Release   •   Sep 18, 2010 00:19 EDT

(Chicago, IL) September 17, 2010 – In line with his stated mission to be "the coolest coffee maker website on the planet", Raza Imam, CEO of is announcing the re-launch of the "Eco-Friendly Coffee Tips" web widget, which displays 13 eco friendly ways coffee lovers can reduce impact of their coffee habit on the environment. After oil, coffee is the world’s largest commodity, and the energy, water, and subsequent waste associated with cultivating, harvesting, transporting, producing, and consuming coffee is tremendous. One study concluded that it takes up to 200 liters of water to produce a single latte.

"Consumers are becoming more and more conscious of their decisions on the environment” says Imam “with the meteoric popularity of blogs and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, we thought it would be fun to create an embeddable tool that coffee lovers can add to their website to show their love for both coffee and the environment” he added.

The widget, which can be easily embedded into websites and blogs randomly displays creative ways to make coffee drinking more eco friendly. Some suggestions of the suggestions include:

1). Using ceramic and travel mugs rather than disposable cups and stirrers
2). Using used grounds coffee as organic fertilizer and pesticide
3). Buying organic, fair trade, and shade grown coffee

“We’ll be creating a Facebook app also which users can add to their Facebook pages in the near future and hope it encourages coffee lovers to make environmentally friendly decisions” says Imam.

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