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Effective Church Growth Strategies

Press Release   •   Feb 09, 2011 02:27 EST

February 09, 2011 - It is every preacher’s dream to see the number of their followers expand. By enrolling in a church growth programme, you will get an opportunity to several fascinating features which would help your church prosper. Our Church Growth strategy provides preachers and Ministry leaders with the ability to analyze the general status of their church in order to get a picture of the current growth pattern. And therefore, find ways and means of proceeding past this point. They will also be helped on how to prepare a checklist for effective meetings intended for growth of the church and be able to utilize each those meetings well. One will also learn our 4 inescapable “NEED” principles which have to be fulfilled in order to be in position to lead the church congregation in the right way, through out the church growth process. Other programmes which will be helpful for church leaders will include the 5 guidelines that will be presenting your church’s total growth strategy to the general membership. Reviewing such particular guidelines would enable you as the leader of a congregation to make Sunday School even more effective, hence, increase the chances of expanding.

In addition to these trainings, there will be gained perspective on the necessary strategies needed which are necessary for making Discipleship effective. Empowered to establish an effective as well as a prominent youth ministry would be a major strategy to the growth of the church. To achieve this, you will need to learn the approaches necessary for reaching the youth from all walks of life and from all environments. You will be in position to discover how to be one of the few ministries reaching out for the lost boys and girls. There will be a great opportunity to find out the crucial characteristics of establishing a solid and a Godly ministry for the young generation. At the same time, undertaking this programme would enable you to know the approaches needed for establishing a youth ministry which leaders would help young people to become responsible mature people.

One will also be able to find out the guideposts which should be used in determining the required directions in creating the effective youth ministry. This would show you how to start and create a thriving speaking career while you are addressing the teenagers in various educational institutions around the country, in the hopes of expanding your ministry. Under this strategy, you will be able to learn the Do’s and Don’ts of making a speech in certain secular learning institutions. Every particular section of this training programme for church growth would show you the necessary procedures you should take to expand the church ministry according to the expected biblical standards. It presents these in contemporary culture as you fill in the required blank questions as well as assigned tasks. The entire process would let you check on the current situation of your church in the growth process while focusing on where you want the same church to be in the near future.

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