Egg Poultry Raising and Breeding Market and Egg Industry 2011-2020 in China

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Northeast China, North China and East China are both major production areas of grain and the egg hen industry in China. The leading areas with high hen egg output are respectively Hebei, Henan, Shandong, Liaoning, Jiangsu and Sichuan. They have obvious advantages in breeding & raising egg hens. First, the low forage price and production cost are very important in major grain production regions. In addition, close to major markets such as Beijing and Shanghai, it is convenient for hen eggs' transportation and sales. Moreover, the local climate conditions are appropriate for egg hens. In recent years, due to the flu, fluctuation of market prices and the increasing transportation costs, the livestock suffered from a sharp decline in the egg hen production areas in the north. However, thanks to the low price of imported forage and the enhancement of breeding technology and facilities, the amount of breeding egg hens increased rapidly in the southern coastal areas such as Guangdong and Guangxi. All in all, China's egg hen breeding areas continue to expand, and the output volume of hen eggs presents an increasing trend, which lay a solid foundation for the stability of the market as well as the sustainable and stable development of egg product trade.

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The development of Chinese economy promotes the rapid increase of demand for poultry eggs. In 1998, the output volume of poultry eggs surpassed 20 million tons for the first time in China, accounting for almost 40% of the world's poultry egg output volume. It was over four times that of the U.S. In 2015, the output volume of poultry eggs reached 29.99 million tons with an increase of 3.6% in China. Hen eggs accounted for most market share of the poultry egg production in China. In 2015, the total consumption volume of poultry eggs exceeded 29 million tons with the rising trend year after year. The consumption of poultry eggs can be divided into industrial consumption (clean sterilized fresh eggs, food industry, etc.), household consumption (edible eggs) and outdoor consumption (eggs consumed in restaurants).

In general, the consumption of poultry eggs is still dominated by household consumption in China. China's processed egg products with simple product structure mainly include traditional processed products such as marinated egg, salted egg and Pidan which is lack of innovation. The output volume of high added-value products such egg liquid and egg powder is relatively small. However, in the long run, there are large market opportunities for the egg processing industry in such fields as catering, biology and pharmaceutical application. In 2015, the sales revenue of egg processing industry exceeded CNY 30 billion with an increase of above 10% YOY.

There is large output volume of poultry eggs in China and mainly sold in domestic market. The export size is relatively small. The relatively cheap low-end products are major export products. According to statistics, China's total export value of all egg products was only USD 300 million in 2015, which was much lower than that of the developed countries such as the U.S. In addition, China possessed the small market share in the world's egg product trade, which was lack of international competitiveness. China's exported eggs are mainly produced in Shandong, Liaoning, Hubei and Guangdong with major export markets in Asia.

In the coming years, the poultry’s intensive, large-scale development will help the output volume of poultry eggs in China maintain the leadership in the world. Limited by such factors as environmental protection and the market development, the small-scale breeders will withdraw quickly, and the output volume of poultry eggs will experience a slow increase.

With the rapid increase of the population and the level-up revenue per capita, the consumption of poultry eggs continues to rise. There are many opportunities in Chinese market for egg poultry breeding & raising enterprises, forage processing enterprises and animal health care enterprises.

Through this report, the readers can acquire the following information:

  • Support Polices of Chinese Government on the Poultry Egg Industry
  • Status of Egg Poultry Breeding & Raising and Poultry Egg Supply in China
  • Market Demand for Poultry Eggs in China
  • Import and Export Status of Poultry Eggs
  • Epidemic Situation of Egg Poultry
  • Price Trend of Hen Eggs
  • Development Prospect of Egg Poultry Breeding & Raising Industry and Egg Market in China

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Major Points from Table of Contents

1 Overall Status of Egg Poultry Breeding & Raising in China, 2011-2015

2 Analysis of Poultry Egg Supply in China, 2011-2015

3 Analysis on the Benefits of Egg Hen Breeding & Raising in China, 2015

4 Status of Poultry Egg Processing Industry in China, 2011-2015

5 Consumption of Poultry Eggs in China, 2011-2015

6 Import and Export of Poultry Eggs in China, 2011-2015

7 Major Egg Poultry Breeding & Raising Enterprises in China, 2011-2015

8 Prospect of Egg Poultry Market in China, 2016-2020

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