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Elementary school Rankings for New Jersey Public Schools published by Schools ‘N More

Press Release   •   Jul 13, 2013 13:34 EDT

Most school district rankings are based on the performance of their high schools but what if you have a child in elementary school? Rather than rely on high school ratings to judge the efficacy of the elementary schools in a district, Schools ‘N More has published performance ratings for 1333 elementary schools in New Jersey. Parents can consult the list to identify the top elementary schools in the state.

Schools 'N More has looked at Elementary school ratings from the standpoint of a parent and has taken into account different factors so as to capture the overall performance of a school. While School Performance in standardized tests has been given the maximum weightage, student-faculty ratio  i.e. smaller classrooms and less crowding in schools has been given importance. Additionally, based on international ranking criteria such as those used by Pearson, technology adoption is important in schools today - hence student-computer ratios have also been factored into the ranking. All data has been sourced from the School Report cards database of the NJ Department of Education.

Using the above criteria, each school is assigned a raw score. Based on the raw score, schools
have been divided into deciles to get the normalized 1-10 Schools ‘N More rating. 1 is the highest rating for a school while 10 is lowest. A second performance measure - the state ranking is based on the composite raw score and shows where the school stands in the overall state.

School ratings can be used to help shortlist the school or district when considering a move or a new home purchase. Parents can use the Schools ‘N More rating to see the overall rating of a school in a particular district or county. If starting with a blank canvas, the school ranking can also be used to indicate the top performing schools in the state.

The Schools ‘N More website has a "Guide to US Schools“ page, where the elementary school ratings are listed by county. The page also features other useful information such as the 2013 NJ Reward schools and top high schools in the state. There are a number of articles that help parents get an idea of the various curriculum options available to kids via the US Public school and Private school systems.



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