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Engine Data Management 740 System for Experimental Aircraft

Press release   •   Apr 29, 2019 01:08 EDT

Engine Data Management 740 System for Experimental AircraftThe aircraft engine data manager is something you select carefully and install - usually just once in your life-time. For this reason, J.P Instruments have made sure that their engine data managers for experimental aircraft are absolutely the best that money can buy and this goes for the EDM 740 too.

This highly innovative and aggressively priced product is aimed at 4- and 6-cylinder experimental aircraft. The 4-cylinder EDM 740 model is priced at $2,899 whereas the 6-cylinder model is priced at just $3,250.

The aircraft engine data manager 740 system for 4 and 6 cylinders covers just about everything that any pilot would want. It truly takes care of monitoring all the critical aspects of the aircraft engine and then some. You could also add a few optional sensors and monitor components like the electrical-bus current, turbine-inlet temp, fuel pressure sensors and the carb temp. In fact, you could also add sensors for reading capacitance or resistance of fuel-level senders.

The beauty of the EDM-740 is that, it stacks the CHT and displays so the pilot can easily view data of all the cylinders at on go without having to switch display pages.

Irrespective of whether the aircraft is a 4-cylinder or a 6-cylinder, the display of the EDM-740 will automatically self-adjust. The beauty of the aircraft engine data manager 740 is that, there are no “missing bars” – all the data is available on one digital display page. Also, depending on how the pilot wants to view the data, he can select the order of the sub-menu display.


Installation of the J.P.I manufactured Aircraft Engine Data Management 740 is quite easy. The maintenance engineer begins by cutting 3.125-square inches of space. The EDM 740 requires just 2-inches of space behind while the faceplate is 3.195 (w) by 4.23(h). The pilot can even re-orient the display to suit his / her requirement.

Key features of the aircraft engine data manager 740 system for experimental aircraft include:

1. User-defined limits for setting alarms.

2. Easy to read single-line display that magnifies the values of other indications.

3. Specialized Lean Find button on the faceplate itself.

4. A single press of the Lean Find button will display ROP and automatically enter LF mode.

5. Engine-power calculator is now a standard feature of the EDM-740.

6. Faceplate mounted LDR (ambient light sensor) automatically adjusts the display intensity.

7. The EDM 740 has a blazing fast response and provides data in real time.

8. Two-hundred-hour data logging is now an integral part of the EDM-740.

Functions include:

% HP Percent of Horse Power

RPM Propeller

EGT Exhaust Gas Temp.

MAP Manifold Pressure

CHT Cylinder Head Temp

O-P Oil Pressure

O-T Oil Temperature

GPH Gallons per Hour REQ Required to destination

OAT Outside Air Temp.

USD Fuel used

VDC Voltage

MPG Miles per Gal

H:M Endurance

DIFF Gami spread

CLD Shock Cooling on all cylinders

EZTrends Graphing program

USB Memory stick Data Recording

Optional functions include:

F-P Fuel Pressure

TIT Probe Turbine Inlets Temp

CRB Carburetor Temp

CDT Compressor Discharge

AMP Current amps

L-Tank Fuel Quantity, level

R-Tank Fuel Quantity, level

For more information on J.P. Instrument’s EDM-740, please visit: https://www.jpinstruments.com/shop/edm-740-experimental-only-3/

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