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Press Release   •   Apr 12, 2018 06:28 EDT

Next to Trickster Rogues, the Scourge Warlock class was the other one that received some major tweaks to all sorts of feats and power in Module 13. So What detail of Scourge Warlock and buy neverwinter astral diamonds with 3x reward points,yoMost of the changes?where made to the Temptation feat tree in an attempt “to make Temptation viable once more in the endgame environment”. So it’s time to evaluate how that worked out and what else changed for Scourges!


In terms of DPS, Scourges needed some help since Module 12. The best damage build was a high Power, low Critical Strike one that utilized the?Owlbear Cub‘s active bonus and the fact that Pillar of Power could proc it rapidly. The devs however changed the functionality and left Scourges without a competitive DPS setup. It’s kind of the same situation Control Wizards are in right now as they saw their only viable build taken away with the tweaks to how often powers proc Weapon Enchantments.

Albeit a lot of changes, Module 13 didn’t really drastically alter the scenery for our devilish casters. DPS got a little better, but not as good to really challenge other classes and builds. As of right now, in terms of the meta depth chart, damage Warlocks are no longer a thing. That being said however, and I can’t stress that enough, the difference in your everyday runs is marginal. Using a Warlock and main DPS vs. a GWF does not make or break a run, it just means you’ll be a couple minutes slower. That might hurt groups going for world records, but if you can live with 20-25 minute TONG runs, a SW will do just fine. It simply doesn’t matter what DPS you take with you if your buff setup is solid.

Hello Temptation?

What the changes did do however was bringing the Hellbringer Temptation builds to live in the support bracket. You are currently seeing much more requests for “buff SWs”. They are frequently used as fourth class next to the usual OP/DC/DC setup and occasionally even replace one of the clerics. The reason ist that the Temptation tree now features a wide range of buffs, which pushed MoF CWs even further down the depth chart. Pretty much any feat at tier 3 or higher now features some sort of ally buff or enemy debuff with the strongest ones being Soul Bonding (20%), Eldritch Momentum (CA), Aura of Despair (5%), and Dark Revelry (20% Power share). Additionally allies get +18% damage from staying inside Pillar of Power.

Temptation builds could have always been able to challenge DCs in the healing category, but that isn’t something that most groups need in endgame content. But now that Scourges can also be buff/debuff machines, they offer an intriguing package.

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