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Press release   •   Jan 07, 2016 03:39 EST

Out next guild spotlight for neverwinter PC? is on the Cult of Mattachine, an LGBT & Allies guild open to all!
What's the story behind how your guild was founded?

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A long time ago in a universe far far away, some superheroes banded together to form the seed that today is our guild. We expanded our alliance as a portal opened that some ventured through before it closed that lead to another universe. There we found and fought powerful and partly mechanic aliens with the goal to assimilate all the species in the galaxy that would help them become more perfect. During this time, some were sucked into a vortex that ejected them into ancient times when magic still existed and dragons still flew in the sky. Although the portal and vortex closed it left a lingering trace of a conduit that allowed us to stay in constant contact with each other.

Originally we started as a Champions Online guild at launch, that later expanded in to Star Trek Online and for quite some time also Neverwinter Online. During this process the guild has gone through different names but we have now settled with Mattachine for the entire member base and variations thereof in the different games. Mattachine Society for Champions, Mattachine Fleet & House of Mattachine for Star Trek Online and Cult of Mattachine for Neverwinter.
How did your guild choose its name?
We picked the name as it has a rich history in the real world that resonates true with all three games the guild spans. It originally meant sword fighter, which later turned in to jesters and truth-sayers that during the centuries took on a political agenda as a civil rights movement that fought for all being treated equally no matter who they are and love called Mattachine Society. Something that eventually lead to the riots at a bar on Christopher Street in New York in 1969.

What's the message you want conveyed about your guild?
Although we have a lot of LGBT++ members, we are open for everyone that are accepting and respectful of all our members. Character level and player experience is of no importance. We are more like an extended family then just friends. We strive to make as much of the guild decisions be influenced or decided by the members, which we do through a Facebook group we have. If a member has problems we help out each other as much as possible. Be it game mechanics needing explaining or a boss in a quest too powerful or wanting some company.
What's one of the best guild events you've done?
We have had many different ones that have been popular. We have held trivias, hide & seek, races, dungeoneering, farming, etc. I would say that the most popular ones are the trivia and hide & seek.

If you could name your Stronghold, what would it be?
Difficult question as we usually leave those things up to our members to decide and the option to name it is not yet in the game. It would however be something with Mattachine in it. Be it palace, castle, keep, hold, fort, citadel, fortress, manor, safehold, or stronghold. Hopefully we could fly a banner on it as well with the guild emblem.

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