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Eric Mello Coaches Champions for Upcoming National Motocross Event Nuclear Cowboyz

Press release   •   Mar 27, 2012 03:43 EDT

Anyone who is committed to the extreme sport of motocross should be familiar with Eric Mello, a top professional freestyle motocross rider. He has proven himself driven, capable and a definite champion for the past two decades, and is still continuously proving himself as one of the most talented motocross riders in the industry. He has achieved more top positions than many other veteran motocross riders and has won various competitions in national competitions like the Los Angeles X-Games 12.


Given his unmatched talent in the field of motocross, Eric Mello has decided to share his skills with fellow motocross riders by encouraging involvement through his very own freestyle motocross facility, SunapeeMX. Within the Northeast area, SunapeeMX is a premiere facility that provides the best motocross training and coaching for both aspiring motocross riders as well as seasoned riders throughout the New England area. Eric Mello designs many of the training programs himself so that riders receive only the best professional advice and training to allow them to compete at the highest levels of motocross.


Being a premiere training motocross training facility, SunapeeMX was specifically designed for professional riders. Eric and his team of sponsored athletes train motocross riders for the upcoming national motocross event, the Nuclear Cowboyz, an event that will feature nothing but the best and most talented riders from all over the nation. Eric Mello trains riders at his facility and has been traveling worldwide training riders for the upcoming Nuclear Cowboyz show.


For the upcoming national motocross events, riders are given proper training on safety and speed. This particular training ensures that motocross riders finish in a fast and safe manner. Physical conditioning is always a prime consideration before riding techniques and mental readiness are given due attention. Physical training includes programs that develop the rider’s muscular strength and cardio conditioning to enable riders reach their peak condition and maintain it. Riders are videotaped so that even the riders themselves can monitor their own progress. Videos can also help riders identify their strong and weak points so that they can further improve it before and during the event itself.


Nuclear Cowboyz will be performing throughout North America in their 2012 tour, with the theme taking place in the war-torn city of Los Angeles in the year 2150. The tale unfolds as the two FMX tribes battle evil forces. The show will be featuring the legendary Soldiers of Havoc, Metal Mulisha, Cyborg Army, and the Nuclear Cowgirlz. 

Eric Mello has been competing in professional freestyle motocross for over 20 years and is nationally recognized for his talent and achievements. Eric has participated in the X-Games in past years, and is sponsored by a number of organizations including Red Bull, O’NealMX, KSR Wheels, Smith Optics, TwinAir, and more.