ESO One Million Dollars Winner Confirmed, Second Prize Winners to Be Contacted

Press Release   •   Feb 18, 2016 04:36 EST

Yesterday, ZeniMax has announced that the first winner of the Elder Scrolls Online "Million Reasons to Play Giveaway" has been contacted. As the gainer of a million dollars has been confirmed, many players who haven’t been contacted might be suddenly struck with sadness. But don’t be sad, the second prize winners have yet to be contacted, which means you still have a chance to win some Crowns!

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The winner of one million dollars has been contacted

Sponsored by Bethesda Softworks, this contest that ties in with #MillionReasonsToPlay campaign ESO had been conducting since December in 2015 and ended in January of this year. With a million dollars up for grabs, it has been attracting many eso players and even other people that don’t play the game. Zenimax didn’t make people wait for long time - the first winner who luckily gets the one million dollars has been contacted.
Needless to say, there must be many “sad face”, but don’t be disappointed, you can still hold out hope for the Crowns even if you haven't been contacted. The ESO officials have told that the second prize crown winners will be contacted in the coming weeks when they also give an announcement about the Grand Prize Winner! For more details about the contest and the rewards, you can see Elder Scrolls Online $1 Million Sweepstakes on, where eso gold buy can be also offered.

What are your reasons to play Elder Scrolls Online?

But then again, not all joiners will win since only 1,000 people will get the second prize. Does that means sad mood cannot be avoided? Certainly not. Safewow has seen an optimistic opinion - a player told on forums, “I won. Not the million dollars. I won something even more special. I won countless hours of enjoyment just from playing ESO and met some really awesome people along the way”.
The million would have been nice though, if you are a die hard eso fan, you will never lose. As the contest name implies, there are millions of reasons that eso is worth of playing. You may join in ESO only to explore the dungeons for the Undaunted after drinks and songs with them, or just to get credit for helping friends kill bosses. Even the game developers’ positive attitude to look for and to listen feedback would be a reason to make people remains. Not to mention that the newly added Maelstrom Arena allows you to master character in all new ways.

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