Occupy WallStreet

Eviction Deadline Passes, Occupy LA Holding Ground

Press Release   •   Nov 29, 2011 04:26 EST

Even as hundreds of police gathered around City Hall, Occupy Los Angeles continued to peacefully assemble in impressive numbers in Solidarity Park (formerly City Hall Park) throughout the night. Accounts put the crowd at over 2,000.

Early this morning, LAPD moved in to evict the encampment. Around 5am PST, police armed with batons and riot gear ordered the nonviolent Occupiers to disperse from the street or face violent arrest. The crowd responded by asking LAPD to lay down their weapons and join them. At least four arrests were made, before the police backed down.

In the words of one Occupy LA participant who was interviewed by the New York Times, "It wasn't in their best interest to come in when there are thousands here." And the whole world continues to watch; the livestream OccupyFreedomLA reported that it had over 37,000 views last night alone.

El pueblo unido jamás será vencido! All night, all day, Occupy LA!

UPDATE: Occupy LA is now seeking a court order to prevent eviction! General Assembly at 7:45pm Pacific Standard Time.