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Expanding Gap Between Voice And Data Services To Benefit Mobile VoIP Market

Press Release   •   Jan 24, 2017 05:09 EST

The new report titled “Global Mobile VoIP Market 2016-2020” proffers essential data related to the global mobile voice over internet protocol (VoIP) market.

A CAGR of 28.47% between the years 2016 and 2020 has been calculated by research analysts, a factor that will contribute significantly to the mVoIP market. The expanding gap between voice and data services in terms of cost is an important market driver, whereas unreliable QoS is a key restraint in the mVoIP market.

The mobile voice over internet protocol (VoIP) presents a host of features, including but not limited to making IP calls over mobile networks such as 3G and LTE, through Wi-Fi, WiMAX, and hotspots, making international, roaming, and local calls considerably cheaper, using packet switched telephone networks (PSTNs), which are more systematic than circuit switched networks, and being hassle-free as they do not require modems.

The major players participating in the mobile VoIP market include Cisco Jabber, Vonage, Skype, Line, Big Ant, HipChat, IBM Lotus Sametime, Facebook, Viber, Kakao Chat, and WeChat. Other significant vendors include TATA Communications, FaceTime, PennyTell, Tu Me, 12VoIP, Mobiboo, Fring,, Google Hangouts,, Talk360, Grasshopper VoIP, StarSSIP, magicJack, Truphone, Vyke, and OneHorizon. These service providers are discussed broadly in the report, examining their strengths and limitations, and how these factors will impact the overall market.

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The report lays out an in-depth summary and furnishes a detailed overview of the mobile VoIP market worldwide. Research methodology and economic indicators are discussed at length as well, in addition to insights pertaining to the market size and forecast, and market landscape. The Five Forces analysis is one of the research methodologies applied in the research. Profit gained from enterprise users, individual premium, and freemium users are a few of the factors analyzed and discussed in order to determine the market size and forecast.

The major market drivers are described in detail in the study, and their impact is discussed at length. Market challenges and their impact are also talked about in the report, with recent trends in the mVoIP market specified with a view to supplying facts and figures accurately.

Some of the exhibits of the report are growth factors and business uncertainties in the mobile VoIP market, global mVoIP market revenue by user models 2015-2020, and the impact of restraints and drivers. Facebook has been evaluated in terms of geographical and revenue segmentation, while Cisco Jabber has been assessed according to product application. Geographical and business segmentation of Vonage and product segmentation of BigAnt has also been conducted.

In addition to the above aspects of the mobile voice over internet protocol market, forecasts as to the market size in 2020, the opportunities and threats faced by the vendors, the low total cost of ownership as a market trend will also be revealed.

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