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Press Release   •   Jan 18, 2018 04:47 EST

In case you haven’t been actively following the preview server or official forum, you might not know that the upcoming Module 13 will feature.Fabulous sale for buying neverwinter astral diamond with $8 discount to enjoy Fashion Ba.g Albeit nothing fancy (it’s just a specialized inventory like the one for profession items), it’s something players have been waiting for. Fashion’s only incentive is the look itself, making it hard to justify sacrificing extra inventory space just to hoard it. Now with an extra bag, you can finally rock as many outfits as you like. Or, well, 24. Because that’s the size of the current inventory. More slots will cost ZEN.

Many think this might be too few and the community opened up a poll asking for how many fashion items players keep in their inventory. So this is your chance to influence the final size of the bag! Developer Miasmat said in the thread that they appreciate the poll, the rest of the post was less encouraging though. Apparently they will base the decision off current fashion items in player bags. It’s not the best approach because most people would probably have kept more fashion items if they had the space.

The fashion bag however will be a nice addition no matter how big it’ll be. It’s one of those features you probably won’t appreciate too often going forward, but is definitely nice to have.

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