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Press Release   •   Feb 22, 2016 04:08 EST

On February 10, the removal of Coalescent Wards, Preservations Wards and Blood Rubies from the Trade Bar Store in Neverwinter Xbox has stirred up great controversy and anger. Only after nine days, Perfect World once again removes them from PC version of Neverwinter.

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Details about the removal from trade bar store

Previously, to prepare for Underdark expansion, Neverwinter PC has received some improvements on Trade Bar Store: received some new items, reduced the prices on old items, etc. For example, the price of Coalescent Wards was dropped to only 75-85 Trade Bars on PC, which had made many players crazy. However, good times don’t last long. Perfect World announced that Coalescent Wards, Preservations Wards and Blood Rubies will be removed from the Trade Bar Store entirely in PC Neverwinter since February 19!
To explain, Perfect World admitted that their previous attempt to make those items cheaper than before in Trade Bar Store had a large negative impact on the in-game economy. And now the guidelines to put items into the in-game stores is “to never allow that exact item to also exist in the Zen Market”. As compensation, all players can receive one Coalescent Ward, one Blood Ruby and five Preservation Wards. Unfortunately, the apology and compensation cannot completely appeased the anger. So, why those players are so angry about the removal? All from the value of Coalescent Wards talked about.
Quick primer on Coalescen Wards in Neverwinter

Preservation Wards and Coalescen wards are important materials for upgrading high-level Enchantments, Artifacts, and Equipment. Generally, in a process of upgrading an enchantment, it has a chance of failure. The higher the level of rarity, the greater the failure chance. And once failed, players lose the ingredients that used for the upgrade. However, Preservation Wards prevent such a loss, but it cannot guarantee a success of upgrade. Instead, only Coalescent Ward can guarantee the upgrade will definitely work, that makes it an important item for high-level players.
Now let’s calculate what players will lose due to its’ removal from Trade Bar Store. As we mentioned above, the price is only 75-85 Trade Bars on PC, which is approximately equal to 10 Enchanted Keys' of Lockboxes opening (enchanted keys sell for 125 Zen that worth around $1.4, and VIP members get 1 free key each day by paying $10 per month), meaning that $10 paying can grant you about 3 Coalescen Wards. However, when it is now only purchased from the Zen Market, you need to pay $10 for only one Coalescen Wards. Considering the fact that 11-12 Coalescent Wards are required to upgrade fully some items such as Epic Enchantments, high-level players need to pay much more than before for upgrading.

Though the developer has made some compensation by offering free Wards to players, players still upset while considering long-term interest. Just hope the official could make better adjust, if only it cannot return to the Trade Bar Store. Anyway, if there is a reason that makes you stay here, welcome to buy neverwinter cheap astral diamonds on safewow.

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