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Press Release   •   Feb 16, 2016 22:20 EST

On Tuesday, February 10, the Coalescent Wards, Preservations Wards and Blood Rubies were removed from the Trade Bar Store in the Xbox One version of Neverwinter. We wanted to go over why the decision was made and the process of communicating this change to the community. 50% off sale-safewow offer 50% off neverwinter astral diamonds PC/Xbox on 03:00 AM on February 22, 2016.

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First off, let’s discuss the communication. We as a company failed to distribute this information before we made the change. For that, we apologize. It has always been our desire to be transparent with the community in an effort to ensure that you have the necessary information for our game. However, this change wasn’t something that was planned and withheld. Both the PC and Xbox version operate in different ways especially in regards to their economies. Similar to real-world economies, there are highs and lows mixed with hundreds of variables. In this particular situation, we made the decision to remove the wards and rubies late in the cycle of our communication and after we already communicated the previous changes that were available in the PC version of Underdark. This last minute change did not give us the opportunity to distribute that message to the players before the launch of our expansion. In the future, we will work towards giving a larger timeframe to properly communicate this message to you.

Similar to the adjustments that we made with the AD economy, our team is in the process of doing a holistic review of how players are interacting with our economy as a whole. Our investigation is focused on reviewing every variable to look for areas of abuse through either exploitation or fraud, whether through paid currency or achievable in-game currency. The removal of these items was due to a large influx in habits that we have been following from exploiters, who have been obtaining these items and redistributing them as currency for other purposes. To be very clear though, we do not want to discuss our economy in absolutes. There could always be adjustments or exceptions based on how players are interacting with the changes to our in-game systems. This is why Coalescent and Preservation Wards are still available through systems like Invocation.

To speak to this further, one of our guidelines for putting items into in-game stores is to never allow that exact item to also exist in the Zen Market. Doing so can create confusion, as well as introduce perceived equivalencies that aren’t actually true. We made a mistake when allowing these items to exist in both the Trade Bar store and the Zen Market. Though Coalescent Wards and Preservation Wards did exist (at a higher price) in the Trade Bar store before, our attempt to make them more prominent and significantly cheaper had a large negative impact on the in-game economy. We really thought this would be a positive change, but we were wrong and we apologize for taking them away now.

We hope you continue to deliver feedback for our team. We are listening to you every time that you post on the forums, Reddit, Twitter and Facebook. You are a critical part of our game and your feedback is important to us.

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