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Press Release   •   Aug 17, 2015 03:45 EDT

The well-known football game FIFA 16 that developed by EA has recently launched beta version in Canadian market. EA has recently officially confirmed the business day of the global version. FIFA16 will be on sale in the global market next month.

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FIFA16 adds new engine. This not only improves the game's animation but also enhances AI of the players which makes the teammates more flexible. In addition, the newly adding control function allows the game players choose control way between button and touch screen. The game players are free to match all commissioned players, form them to be teams and go forward FIFA Big Strength Cup.

FIFA that deeply in corruption scandals officially decided that International Olympic Committee (IOC) former Director-General, Switzer Francois ? Calad has taken the post of person in charge of FIFA's reform working group.

FIFA corruption has begun to ferment since the end of May this year. The voice of all people calling for FIFA reform immediately is heard continously. For this, FIFA set up a reform working group which consists of 14 members to be responsible for developing reform plans for FIFA. In the 14 members, 12 members are elected by FIFA of each continent and the other two members are elected by the sponsor.

Calad who is 77 years old this year served as Director-General of the International Olympic Committee for 14 years and served as committee member of the IOC Reform Commission after the bribery scandal of Salt Lake City Winter Olympics was exposed in 2002. This is the most important reason why FIFA selects Calad this time.

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